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Personality Tests That You Need To Take

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

I’m a huge fan of personality tests! There is nothing I love more than to have a series of questions enlighten me to every aspect of myself, whether it’s just a silly quiz on BuzzFeed or a super intricate one that truly discovers who I am. Thus, I thought I should share some of the most “life-changing” personality tests that I have encountered because everyone deserves to know themselves just a little bit better.

I mean, we are the ones who have to deal with ourselves for a very, very long time . . . 


1. Myers-Briggs (16 Personalities)

If you take one personality test in your entire life, please for the love of Stan take this one! Seriously. I have found this to be the most insightful, spot-on, and truly astonishing analysis of who I am. I honestly refer back to this particular personality type in every possible situation, finally understanding why I do the things that I do and the way that I do them. I cannot possibly give this test any higher praise. This is the sh*t.


2. Astrology (Zodiac Sign)

Sure, horoscopes can be a little hunky dory, but there is a level of truth in them even if we refuse to acknowledge it. I think it’s incredibly important for everyone to know their zodiac sign and to understand what it actually means, so this information is definitely for you. Our birthdays aren’t just for gifts and grand celebrations (although those are solid perks) but they also have a significant impact on who we are because, well, why not?


3. Love Languages

I was recently introduced to this one and it’s definitely a good thing to have in your back pocket. I know the name can be deterring (love doesn’t just exist between significant others) but after answering a round of questions, the test will inform you on how you best receive and communicate love. This is very beneficial to know because it will aid in a higher quality of relationship with yourself, as well as with everyone else in your life. You need to know how to love yourself, as well as how people can best love you.


4. DISC Personality Testing

This is a free version of the test, but it will still give you the same results! Providing you with the two strongest traits you possess (out of the four distinct letters) you can then hit up Google to look deeper into how you demonstrate them in everyday life. Easy and informative!


5. BuzzFeed

I kind of made fun of these at the beginning, but BuzzFeed quizzes are honestly the best ever. Some are super quirky and only serve to pass the time, but others are actually incredibly telling. You can’t just go through life without knowing which Disney princess you are or which celebrity is your soulmate.


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