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Pale Problems in Paradise

Tons of college students flock to the beach each year for spring break to spend a week soaking up the sun and getting their tan on, but those of us with fair skin know we will look a little (or a LOT) out of place.

Here are the signs you’re pale and a little less than proud on the beach:

Tanning oil? What’s that..

When your best friend offers you some of her tanning oil on the first day, you can’t help but laugh and shake your head no. Hello, did she not see the ungodly amount of sunscreen you brought? You’re just trying to get through the week without a third degree burn.

You get burned anyways.

It’s inevitable, you porcelain beauty. Within 24 hours of being on break, you’ll have a lovely pink tint to your skin. “Does anybody have aloe?” No worries, maybe you’ll leave vacation half a shade darker than when you were when you got there. Don’t count on a real tan, though. This is spring break, not an alternate reality.

Can we please skip the pictures?

You’d rather not document this amazing adventure as the white middle in between the dark Oreo cookies that are your friends. Don’t worry about being embarrassed; the beach has a way of making pale skin look almost translucent. Nobody will even be able to see you!

You’re foreign to the whole concept of “laying out”

Sorry, but lying in the sun for hours without sunscreen is something us light skinned girls call being cooked. “See you guys later, I’ll be over her under this giant umbrella that is protecting me from the harsh UV rays.”

Guys are the last thing on your mind while you’re on the beach.

Being the color of the sand is probably not the best way to be noticed by a beach hottie…you know this better than anyone. Don’t take it to heart, though; most of the other girls there will be bronze babes, so you’ll stick out as different for sure. Sometimes that’s a great thing, so own it girl!

You’ve reapplied sunscreen twice in the past hour.

“Pause the beach volleyball game, guys, I need to put more sunscreen on!” No matter what fun activity you’re doing, you have to remember to apply sunscreen periodically if you don’t want to look like a giant lobster by the end of the week. The upside: your skin will still look amazing when you’re older!

Have fun on spring break, my pale pretties! Don’t forget your sunscreen or your killer confidence. Stay pale and proud, ladies :)


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