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Our Spring Break Survival Kit

With Spring Break only days away, our chapter was extremely thankful when we received our big box full of our Spring Break Survival Kit goodies! This year’s kit included amazing goods from Not Your Mother’s Haircare, SABRE, Chipotle, LUNA, Simon & Schuster and more. Get the break down on our favorites below.

LUNA bars – “Luna Bars are my favorite snack between classes because they fill me up when I have to constantly be on the go throughout the day.  My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough bar!” Adrian Thompson, senior

Chipotle BOGO Card – “Buy one get one free. Enough said.” Emily Scott, senior

Dirty Rush – “This book was one of the best I’ve read in awhile..I finished it in two days! It has crazy, dramatic, and funny all rolled into one.” Madelyne Rosenberg, senior

Not Your Mother’s Haircare – “I’ve been using Not Your Mother’s haircare products like their sea salt spray for spring break for awhile, so getting some mini shampoo and coniditoner bottles was the perfect gift before break!” Julia Rose Davidson, sophomore

SABRE Pepper Spray – “This little pepper spray is perfect for late night walks on your way back to your dorm or hotel on break. Now I can feel a little safer and maybe let my mom worry a little less…plus, it’s pink!” Taylor Domino, senior

Completely Bare Waxing Kits – “My eyebrows needed a touch-up before I go to Cabo, but I didn’t have time for a salon appointment. Now I don’t have to worry about that thanks to our mini waxing kits!”  Jessica-Fletcher Frye, senior


Thank you Her Campus and all of your sponsors for our spring break freebies! 

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