My Hair Journey: What I Learned When I Went Blonde

Ever wanted to feel the Barbie fantasy and go blonde? Changing your appearance can be intimidating, especially if you have never done it before. But everyone should channel their inner Elle Woods at least once in their life. I have been all over the hair color spectrum from blonde to brunette, and when I say blonde was an experience, I'm not kidding. Here are some things that I learned while being blonde:

Blonde is an investment

For my brunette babes out there, blonde does not come easy. It takes a lot of time and money to keep it up, but the results can be transformative. If you are starting out with very dark hair, it is better to lighten your hair through multiple sessions at the salon. Going too light too soon could damage your hair. Take your time and don't rush -- this will give you the best results. I was blonde for about a year and didn't reach my goal color until about six months in. I am happy that I found a stylist that was very knowledgable and made the transition very smooth. Going blonde is a process that takes lots of time, but the time and money is so worth it. 

Products are important

When you change up your hair, you also have to change up your products. I learned pretty quickly that you have to take care of your hair after it’s been bleached. I was worried that my hair would never feel the same, and in a way that was true. My hair texture was a bit dryer and required more moisture. But I used leave-in conditioners and color protectant products to keep my hair soft and the color vibrant. Taking your stylist's recommendations is extremely helpful if you are unsure of where to start. Pretty soon you'll have your own holy grail products that will do wonders for you!

Confidence is key

I have always heard the saying that blondes have more fun, but I was pretty skeptical if it would make me feel any different. But when I finally got to my desired shade of blonde, I felt amazing! Changing your look can give you some newfound confidence allows you to reinvent yourself. From experience, I wouldn’t say that blondes have more fun, but trying something different can give you that boost. I had brown hair all of my life and going blonde made me stand out from the crowd. No matter what color you dye your hair, you should wear it with confidence. Rock it, girl!

Through my hair journey I learned a few key things about myself. I am a low maintenience girl. Being away at school made it very hard to keep up with salon sessions, and the grown-out-rooted look is not for me. I have a newfound appreciation for my natural color and texture. Being blonde made my curls less defined, so now I can embrance my natural texture. 

If you are really interested in changing your look, GO FOR IT! You never know what you'll like if you don't try. I am so happy that I tried it, and now I have so many more avenues to explore. The stigma around how "not everyone can be blonde" is a lie. You totally can. You just have to find the look that is right for you.

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