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Mr. Campus Freshman Contestant: Shawn Paarman

Name: Shawn Paarmann

Hometown: De Witt, Iowa

Major/Minor: Pharmacy

Status: In a relationship

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Words to live by: Live Bold.

Campus Activities: Mini Golf, Frisbee, Star Gaze, S.T.A.T. activities

Fun Fact: I recieved the Loius Armstrong Jazz Award along with having my name on a plaque at my high school for being an outstanding drum set player

Favorite Music: Anything but Rap and Country

Favorite TV Show(s): The Office, Tosh.0, Scrubs

Favorite Hawkeye Sport to watch: Football, Women's Vollyball

Favorite Hang-out Spot at Iowa: The Library

It annoys me when girls at Iowa…: Chat during lectures

If I could hang out with a celebrity for a day it would be: Tre Cool (the drummer for Green Day) because he is the most random and funny guy I've seen

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be: Fiji because of its great tropic weather and remote location

My idea of a perfect first date: Pick up my date and hand her a rose and plant a kiss on her cheek, open doors for her, take her to a fancy restaurant, walk along a river holding hands, enjoy a fireside movie outdoors, and then drop her back off while sharing a kiss on her doorstep.

If I had to pick an actor to play me in a movie it would be: John Krasinski because I like his style 

Typical first date/ideal first date in Iowa City: Ice skate at the mall, finding parking in front of the nice restaurant that we so choose, then walk along the river under a full moon.

How we pay for the first date: Credit card while nonchalantly glancing at the bill

College regrets thus far: Not getting involved in enough social activities/events

In ten years I see myself: Working as a Pharmacist, married, child here/on the way, and living happily in a nice home

The group I fit into in high school was…: The 'every' guy who got along with most types of groups of people

Peter Frankman is an underclassman at the University of Iowa from Burbank, California. He has a few addictions in his life: writing, reading, heavy metal, Adult Swim, and any movie with zombies. He joined The University of Iowa's Her Campus team as the writer of the "From a Guy's Perspective" articles in January 2011 and hasn't looked back since (except to make sure he doesn't write the same article twice). Peter's a major in both Journalism and Creative Writing and hopes to become a writer in some way, shape or form after he graduates. That or the President of the United States, he hasn't really focused too much to say anything decisive yet... or maybe he has, we're not quite sure. If he had to choose a night of guilty pleasures it would include the Beastie Boys, Monster Import: Light, Zebra Cakes, and a marathon of subpar movies that he thinks are amazing (Blade, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Fast and the Furious, etc).
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