Movie Characters We Will ALWAYS Be In Love With

As you pause the movie to grab a snack, you look up at the screen . . . his eyes are burning into yours but you dare not look away. With his tousled hair and “come hither” side smirk, your heart flips like there's a gold medal on the line. Glancing down at his chest, you take in an extremely audible gasp. *SWOON*



Okay, girl! Here's a tissue for your drool. Now, push that little play button on the remote control and let the poor man put his shirt back on. Does anyone need more popcorn?

We are human. Therefore, we all have a pulse. Due to this inconvenience, we tend to fall in love hard with non-existent people. Scripted and incredibly gorgeous (are those abs on his back?) these men come into our homes via the digital screen and steal our hearts away forever. Although we (yes, you!) are either "married" to or currently "dating" dozens of men who exist only on an extremely worn out DVD, here is a solid list of characters that will never fail to make all of us swoon again and again . . . and again.


Noah Calhoun, The Notebook



Duh! Quite possibly the universal dream boyfriend, Noah Calhoun doesn't just sweep us off our feet . . . he has us falling madly and completely head-over-heels in love with him. Yes, he most certainly looks DAMN fine in the rain, but his love for Allie is unconditional (he builds her dream house!) From literally hanging off the ferris wheel at the beginning, to their final moment in the nursing home bed (I'm not crying, you're crying) he is consistently sweet, romantic and ruggedly handsome. And we can never forget about those 365 letters! 


John Bender, The Breakfast Club



Yes, I am biased because I LOVE THIS MOVIE but come on . . . he is that total bad a**, witty, beautiful boy who will forever make us wish we went to detention a little more often. Sure, he is sort of a jerk, but he is dealing with an abusive home life and a world that always assumes he is, well, a criminal. Despite all of this, he is a natural leader who refreshingly says it how it is, making us laugh the entire time. Plus, to our enjoyment, we can totally tell how he slowly falls for Claire throughout the duration of the film. And remember when he sacrificed himself so the others could get back to the library? *SWOON*


Captain Jack Sparrow, The Pirates of the Caribbean



It's the pirate life for me! Maybe it's the eye liner or the intricately braided hair, but this man has a special place in all of our hearts. Not only is his quick humor a huge plus, but he is also incredibly clever. Look at how elaborate his "almost" escapes are! And despite him being sly and a bit greedy, he always ends up doing the right thing in the end . . . like jumping into the rocky ocean to save Elizabeth. A suave, rouge adventurer (with a bit of a drinking problem) Captain Jack Sparrow could make any of us walk the plank. 


Jack Dawson, Titanic



A sensitive artist who risks everything for the woman that he loves? YAS! When he first catches a glimpse of Rose and can't help but stare, we all knew that Jack Dawson was really ours. Not only does he talk her out of jumping overboard, but he also treats her with more respect and chivalry than her First Class, snobby fiancé. Plus, he keeps their drawing session strictly professional. That right there is enough to fall in love. And the fact that he always makes Rose's safety a priority, ensuring her survival of the ship's sinking . . . well, let's just say that we'll never let go, Jack.


Johnny Castle, Dirty Dancing



A guy who can move, is incredibly protective of his female friends and is too humble for his own good? Well, helloooo, Johnny Castle! With some seriously sexy footwork, he has certainly tapped his way into our dreams. A very proud man, he has always had to work hard—doing things he didn't want to do—in order to make a life for himself. Agreeing to take Baby on as a dance partner just so he can still get paid, he patiently shows her the routine (although she laughs every time he touches her!) Through the long "practices" and trying his best to fight it, he falls for his complete opposite. *SWOON AGAIN* Johnny, you can put us in a corner anytime.


Jake Ryan, Sixteen Candles



This . . . this is why I was always so disappointed with high school boys; they never looked like Jake Ryan! Although he doesn't have the greatest depth as a character, he still has a soft spot for the slightly out-casted, redheaded sophomore and he doesn't care who knows! He is dating the "hottest girl in school" but he wants to give up his way of life in order to have someone who truly loves him and vice-versa. Aww! I think it's safe to say that he was the teenage heartthrob and just simply had to be included. And that iconic final scene will forever make birthday cake way more romantic than it ever should be.


Danny Zuko, Grease



You're the one that I want! Girl, just look at him . . . he has that whole rebellious, sensitive, cool guy vibe all wrapped into one and we are not complaining. He puts himself through a lot to be the man that he believes Sandy deserves, even going on to letter in varsity track (he's a jock, too, people!) But, what really gets our hearts pumping is whenever he goes into song, for he has the pipes that dreams are made of. Yet, between all of his popping and locking, he really does love Sandy and we love that. Plus, he makes butt chins look fiiiiiiiine.


Jump back almost 80 years and . . . 

Rhett Butler, Gone With The Wind



Let's end with a throwback from way back when. An absolute classic, Rhett Butler is the utmost gentlemen. We swoon at his incredible confidence, for he knows what he wants and goes after it. And he calls Scarlett out on all of her scheming but loves her with all of his heart. He wants nothing more than to be her one-true-love and he treats her like an absolute queen. He also scoffs at society's rules, such as "bidding" on Scarlett when she is in mourning just so he can have a dance. Rhett knows that he belongs with her but also recognizes when it's time to bow out, for he is very much aware of what he deserves. We love that he, frankly, doesn't give a damn.