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Meet Allie Stutting, An OPSolutely Inspiring Gal

Little did I know that when I sat down at a table at a Dance Marathon’s Operations Committee workday next to another member that I didn’t know very well, that a few weeks later I would be writing a profile about her. There’s just something about painting cardboard cut-outs of Finding Nemo characters that really creates friendships.

Allie Stutting, my fellow Ops Committee member, is in her first year at the University of Iowa and in her first year of Dance Marathon, but that didn’t stop her from taking a step up and joining DM Leadership. She also helped to raise money for DM’s 200K in a Day fundraising goal, as well as volunteer her time to help out other dancers during the push day. 

She’s talkative, positive and generous, and she loves being a part of Dance Marathon Leadership and can’t wait for the Big Event in February!

Name: Allie Stutting

Major: Ethics & Public Policy and Secondary Education

Hometown: Princeton, Iowa

Why did you join Dance Marathon?

“I joined during my first week of school. In fact, DM was a driving force for why I chose the University of Iowa as my home for the next four years! I fell in love with Dance Marathon as a senior in high school. I was the head student coordinator of the North Scott Mini Marathon. I spent five months coordinating fundraisers, recruiting volunteers, networking with donors, organizing a leadership team, organizing a leadership team, and putting forth the best version of myself to ensure success. Last year, my high school raised $14,000 for the kids and their families that are affected by childhood cancer, and this was $5,000 more than the previous year. I also had the opportunity to perform with my band at the Big Event last year, so I got to have a small taste of what the standard UIDM held in order to provide the necessary support for the kiddos who are just across the river at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.”

What made you decide to step up and be a part of leadership?

“Upon signing up for Dance Marathon as a dancer, I was immediately on the lookout to become more involved in this wonderful, life-changin organization. After our first dancer meeting, I found out about a competitive UIDM Leadership Team opportunity that freshmen could apply for. After an application and interview process, I was accepted on the Operations Committee. Being on the Leadership team thus far has changed my worldview, not just as a student, but as a person. I am a part of something so much bigger than what I can comprehend. While currently working with some of the most influential students on campus, creating change not only for the kiddos who are battling cancer and their devestated families, we are creating change in ourselves. We are bringing an entire campus together to create hope for those who need it, and that is truly amazing.”

How did 200K in a Day go for you?

“It was AH-MAZ-ING! At the beginning of the day, my goal was $125, and I was really nervous about that. I only had $175 in my dancer account before that day, so nearly doubling that number seemed impossible. By the early afternoon, I broke $125 and raised my goal to $200. A couple of hours later, I broke that, too, and rasied it to $300, and I didn’t stop! I then raised my goal to $400 and was able to reach that by 9 p.m. I stretched a little farther and set my new goal for $500. By the end of the day, I reached that goal, too, and raised $505 in 24 hours. I had NO clue I could do that! 200K in a Day taught me that we can accomplish anything when we come together!”

What was your reaction to DM raising over $220,000 in a day? 

“Chills. 100 percent chills down my spine. I was so nervous that we were short of our goal, but the second I saw the “2” card get raised up at the reveal, I lost it. Ecstatic is an understatement.”

What inspires you to dance? 

“I dance for the kids who cannot. The kids who are bound to a hospital bed, chemo, treatments, medicines, hospital bracelets—they inspire me to dance. Their strength and determination inspires me and thousands of others.”

Do you think Dance Marathon 23 will reach it’s fundraising goal of over $2.7 million? 

“I am going to be honest—I think we can do it. I know we can do it. From here on out, we need to keep pushing and stretching to hit our threshold. Until February 3, we all need to keep giving our best, day in and day out. It is going to be hard, but we have each other and we have the strength and determination of the kids to keep us going!”

Rachel Green is a senior Journalism and Mass Communication Major at the University of Iowa. She is also earning two minors in Sport and Recreation Management and Spanish and a certificate in Creative Writing. She serves at Her Campus Iowa's Senior Editor, and is a member of Iowa's editorial team. When she's not working on something for Her Campus, she can be found studying in the library, doodling in her sketchbooks or curling up with a cup of tea and a book.  
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