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It’s crossed my mind a few times that kindness can be mistaken for weakness or can be seen as an opportunity to take some for granted. While sometimes people believe that… 

I don’t agree.  

There’s nothing wrong with being kind. It doesn’t mean that you’re weak, or that you’re not able to stand up for yourself. If anything, if people mess with you, you have the awesome ability to, as some would say, “kill them with kindness.”  Kindness doesn’t mean that you sit back and take the negativity certain people may throw at you. You find the courage to put them in their place, without stooping down to their level.  

Call me cheesy, but these thoughts started to swirl in my head after watching the live action remake of Cinderella that was released in 2015. It was beautifully done, and ever since watching that movie, my favorite quote has been “Have courage and be kind,” as Ella’s mother tells her before she passes away. I mean, sure, it takes a while for Ella to find that courage to stand up to her step mother, but that doesn’t mean it was never there. You just need to be able to find it, be confident, and stand up for what you believe in. 

Being kind doesn’t mean that you have to put aside your beliefs and change who you are. Just telling someone that they look nice, or telling them that they’re a brilliant human being can make their day. I know something as small as a “hello” makes me smile, every time someone sees me or I see them. It’s as simple as that.   

However, I find it a little sad that people jump to the most absurd conclusions as soon as they encounter someone who is being nice to them. Sometimes they tend to wonder, “Oh, this person may want something from me if they’re being so nice.” No. Some people are genuine and they don’t expect anything in return. Believe it or not…kindness is free.

Being kind means treating people the way you want to be treated. Being kind means knowing that everyone is their own individual, and that their differences are to be respected. 

No matter what you look like, no matter who you are, being kind makes you a beautiful person inside and out. So the next time you doubt yourself, tell yourself that kindness doesn’t cost a thing and that it is not a weakness. 

Besides, in our world today, I’m sure everyone could use some of it.

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Ridhima Jagtap is a college newbie, a.k.a a freshman, working towards a degree in the field of journalism. You'll often find her chasing after cats and watching adorable cat videos on YouTube. If she's not doing this then she'll be singing her lungs out so that her whole floor can hear her. She hopes to blow people away with writing what she's passionate about. Books, music and a lot of animals!
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