I Let Online Quizzes Pick My Outfits For A Week

I'm sure we can all admit to taking WAY too long to pick out our clothes in the morning. Sometimes, even after I've picked out and put on what I think I'm going to wear for the day, I'll look at myself in the mirror and decide to change, even though I probably don't have the time for it. My struggle with picking out clothes in the morning led me to jokingly check out whether there were ways online to make things easier, and, of course, there were: quizzes. 

I decided to see how accurate these quizzes were based on the results they gave. I wasn't expecting anything too specific or too close to my actual style, so I knew it was going to be an interesting experiment. I decided to do this over the week of spring break because I was staying in Iowa City.

Down below, I've included photos of all the outfits I ended up wearing over the course of the week, and I also added in the links to all the quizzes in case you wanted to check them out for yourself. 

Day 1: 

I started off my week by taking this quiz from The Huffington Post. My result for what to wear today was simply "a dress." I decided to style my favorite black dress with some black tights, a red flannel and maroon ankle booties since it was still chilly out. It was a little weird for me to be wearing a dress on a lazy day over spring break, but it was still pretty comfy for me to lounge around in. While I was applying for jobs at one point during the day, it kind of made me feel more professional as well. 

I've worn a similar variation of this outfit before, so that made it easy to style. My original outfit was worn during the beginning of last semester, without the tights or the red flannel. Instead, I paired it with my black flannel. This may have been a small way of copping out for the day, but my only restriction was that I had to wear a dress. 

Day 2:

I based today's outfit off of this quiz from AllTheTests.com, which had a very descriptive quiz result: "Wear a blouse or button up tee with your choice of skirt or skinny jeans. Try wearing colors that clash not too dramatically for a bold look that will get you noticed! Reds, greens and blacks will look great and compliment emphasize your lips and cheekbones. Try your hair out with a small part bobby-pinned back to give a cute, natural look. Try sneakers (not joggers!) or boots with your killer outfit!"


This was kind of hard to follow, so I did my best. The only button-up shirt I had that wasn't super professional or dirty was a button-up crop top. I decided to go with a pair of skinny jeans instead of the skirt, as well as a pair of boots over the sneakers. My one problem with this shirt was that my button-up was a crop top, so it was a little weird to be wearing it on a colder day. The good thing was that I pretty much relaxed inside my apartment all day. 

Day 3: 

On the third day of the week, I took this quiz from Quotev.com. My result for what to wear was a casual outfit, based off of the picture below. I couldn't find any of my baseball tees (I'm thinking that I probably left them at home before coming to school) and my Converse broke last semester (RIP), so I wore a fitted sweatshirt and my running shoes in place of those items. The jeans I wore are one of my favorite pairs, so I was happy to wear them all day. It definitely fit into my day, which was another relatively quiet day on my own and with a friend. 

Day 4: 

Today was a weird day, if you can't tell from this very maroon outfit. I took this quiz from ProProfs.com, and my result was "purple back to school," to which I said to a friend, "Oh, wow." I mean, look at this picture: 

"Oh, wow" feels like an understatement. 

I didn't own enough purple clothing items to create a full outfit like the one in the picture, I opted instead to use my only colored pair of jeans, which are the maroon ones in the picture. I'm pretty glad I didn't have a lot to do today, so I got to keep this outfit a secret in my apartment.

Day 5: 

I based today's outfit on this quiz from Playbuzz.com, and it told me to wear an outfit that was "casual and laid-back." I was also given the picture below and based my outfit for the day off of it. I felt like this was something I would wear on a typical day, which was nice, as I ran errands all day, did some homework in a cafe and hung out with some friends. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the scarf. Even though I own some infinity scarves, I don't wear them very often because I think they look weird on me (but maybe that's just me). I swapped out the leather jacket for a denim one because it was the only similar jacket I owned. 

Day 6:

Today was St. Patrick's Day, so I opted out of doing the typical "What Should I Wear Today?" quizzes for a St. Patrick's Day-themed one. I took this quiz from CollegeFashion.net, and my result was titled "Kiss Me, I'm Irish," along with the photo down below. I based my outfit mainly on the picture provided by the quiz since there wasn't much to go off from the actual quiz result. I ended up really liking this outfit, seeing as I've never thought to pair a denim skirt with a sweatshirt before. It was kind of chilly all day, so I was grateful for the tights and the warms boots as well. I was pretty comfortable throughout the day and still felt cute, so it was definitely a win-win situation for me. 

Day 7:

For my final day of the week, I based this super lazy outfit on my result from this quiz from Quiztron.com. My result was "yoga pants or leggings with a shirt of your choice." I was pretty happy with this choice, seeing as it's pretty close to my normal Sunday outfits anyway. I was also grateful that I got to wear a super comfortable outfit because I was really tired from celebrating St. Patrick's Day the day before. I added in my favorite pair of slippers and some fuzzy socks to add even more comfy. 

Overall, I felt like the outfits I ended up wearing were either hit or miss. None of them were things I might wear; it was either yes, I would try this outfit again, or no, never again. I think something that could have affected this was the age group the quiz was intended for and the year the quiz was created. I wasn't super selective about which quizzes I chose. If it gave me a good enough answer (i.e., if it said "casual" it also gave a photo) and it was on the first few pages of Google results, I included it in this experiment. 

I definitely turned heads in some of my outfits, but most of them were pretty tame, which helped me feel less self-conscious about not having full control over my wardrobe for the week. Thinking on how accurate the quizzes were or how good the results were, I think it's super hard to create a quiz that works for every single person in the world, and it's also hard to make the quiz results fit into the clothing I already own (I wasn't planning on spending any money on new clothes for this, since it's probably better to pay my rent and buy groceries). 

I don't plan on letting online fashion quizzes control my clothing again in my life, but it was still an interesting thing to do to make my otherwise chill spring break a bit more fun. 

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