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How to Throw the Perfect “Final Rose” Viewing Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Iowa chapter.

Most people look at Mondays as the worst day of the week: you’re tired, annoyed and ready for the weekend again. Then there are some that look at this day of the week in a completely different light: Bachelor Monday. This Monday is especially important because it’s the night we find out who stole Ben Higgins’ perfect heart. While we could be in mourning that the day has finally come when Mr. Higgins will be engaged, we can’t help but celebrate the night we’ve anticipated since January 4th (or the second Ben was eliminated from Kaitlyn’s season, and we all knew he just had to be the next Bachelor). As you celebrate on the Monday of all Monday’s, here are some tips to have the perfect “Final Rose” viewing party.


Sending out invites to your party is completely optional, but it sets how formal you want your party. Whether you make a letter to send out or an e-vite, there are plenty clever “Bachelor”-themed ideas for both. My personal favorite would be imitating the classic “date card” shown in each episode. If you want your viewing party to be more formal, indicate how you want your guests to dress on the invite. You could all dress up since this is the finale for the show, but a pajama viewing party would also be fun and cozy.


Obviously it’s not “Bachelor” night without roses. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of roses, scattered petals or a rose for each attendee. Anything love-related is also a great idea. Break out any Valentine’s Day decorations you have (or still have out) and cover your place with red and pink, candles and hearts.

Another trend at parties has been photo booths, and did you really host a “Bachelor” viewing party if you didn’t take pictures? Find a clear wall at home or hang up a sheet, and you’re good to go. Adding some string lights to your backdrop also adds a nice touch. Your guests can pose with roses, fake engagement rings, champagne and more. This website also makes it easy to print out props for your photobooth: http://www.personalcreations.com/blog/photo-booth-printables

And finally the most essential decoration: Ben Higgins. Make a Higgins shrine, frame a portrait, or make memes to welcome your guests. No one will judge you, so I say seize this opportunity to cover your walls.


For a viewing party, a meal is not needed since everyone will be focusing on the television screen all night. I suggest finger food, so have fun and get creative. Lots of chocolate is a great idea — my personal favorites are chocolate covered strawberries (which can even be made in a rose shape).

Scatter chocolate around your event for snacks, and as a main dessert you could buy or make cupcakes or cookies. Alternatives for chocolate could be popcorn or cheese and crackers.


Since this is an evening of celebration, it is time to bring out the bubbly. Get some champagne flutes and champagne. Another idea is some sparkling water, like San Pellegrino, or my personal favorite, Welch’s sparkling white grape juice. Feel free to buy or make some fun stem charms for your glasses to personalize your event.


America recently had to watch the cringe-worthy episode where Ben told both Lauren and JoJo he loved them. Whether some of that was scripted or not, this finale should be quite interesting. You can incorporate The Bachelor’s final two contestants in a few different ways. To start, you could make a pro and con list for both contestants and then everyone can write down predictions for who they think Ben will propose to. Girls can also side with “Team JoJo” or “Team Lauren” (just because you predict for a girl to win doesn’t mean you have to be on her team!). Making signs for each team and posing with them for the photo booth is also a great idea.

Add just some of these ideas to your viewing party, and it’s sure to be a hit! Now sit back and enjoy the dramatic, entertaining show we all love and hate.


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