How To Make Someone's World A Better Place

In the midst of the holiday season, many of us are in a very selfless, giving mood. But, why can't we be good-hearted all year round? As a passionate supporter of kindness, I wish to share with you a few ways in which we can all make someone's world a little bit brighter.



1. Smile At Strangers

This is a very easy one! I have become much better at doing this, and I can honestly say that I always end up feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. I am not suggesting that you be weird about it (you know who you are) but try to acknowledge a stranger with a nice closed-lip side thingy. Trust me, you will be surprised at how many people smile back. . . which just makes both of your days that much better!


2. Remember The Little Things

One of the greatest ways we can positively impact someone's life is when we remember the tiniest things about a person we care about, or even just someone we are acquainted with (but probably a little creepy if you can recite their social security number). You can turn these moments into wonderful and thoughtful gift ideas, such as a cute lanyard for a friend who ran late to class once because she couldn't find her keys. Or you can just bring up an anecdote in conversation later, for they will be touched by the sweet gesture of you remembering such a thing.


3. Always Include Everyone

You don't have to go out into the world and invite everyone to lunch, but you should make an effort to include people who might otherwise be left hurt or lonely. For instance, I don't have social media and I know how inconvenient that can be for people. But, it certainly doesn't go unnoticed when someone is willing to work with me to make sure I don't miss out on opportunities or things I need to know. As the go-getter that I am, I hate the feeling of being put aside simply because I am not being a very good millennial. So, don't be that person who makes someone feel unwanted--or that they don't matter--by dismissing them.



4. Reach Out And Make Plans

So your co-worker is madly obsessed with Christmas? Ask if she wants to go with you to walk through the Christmas-lit community center. Or set up a dinner date with your best friend so she knows that you miss her. People, it truly is the little gestures of making someone feel loved and cared for that makes life that much sweeter. . . because maybe someone doesn't have anyone to go to a movie with or are tired of eating alone.


5. Just. Be. Nice.

Although we can all get frazzled and upset, we should always strive to embody kindness in how we live our daily lives:

- Don't be rude on the phone with customer service.

- Please, for the love of Pete, don't honk your horn (we all have been bad drivers).

- Hold the door for the person behind you.

- Share your umbrella with the girl who's soaked to the bone.

- Pick up the litter on the sidewalk.

- You love that girl's purse? Tell her!

- Let the car go in front of you.

- Leave a sweet note in a library book to make someone's day.

And most importantly, be kind to yourself so you can better spread the love. With this in mind, try to remember next time to . . . 



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