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How To: Feel Sexy While Being Single (Just in time for Vday!)

How To: Feel Sexy While Being Single
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us hate this Hallmark created “holiday.” It can be a reminder of how we are single; some of us retreat to blaming it on our body and feel down right frumpy.  Here is how you can bring out that sexy beast that you are hiding deep within you.
Take Belly Dancing Classes – Shira, in Iowa City, offers classes on Thursday and Sunday evenings. They are 7 weeklong classes, $65 for Iowa City residents (which are us students). My roommate and I are currently in her Thursday night class; belly dancing for exercise. It is super fun, we feel sexy when we do it and there is no judgment there. At the end we walk away feeling a little bit sexier.

Get a massage – Massages are great ways to relieve stress and feel a bit more relaxed. Sure it may seem weird that a stranger’s hand are all over you, but they are trained professionals. In Iowa City you can go to La James where the most expensive massage cost $45, and they are right by campus.

Have a girl’s night – Not just any girl’s night. But in this girl’s night, make chocolate covered strawberries, pineapples, bananas, whatever fruit you enjoy most. While you give the chocolate covered fruit a quick freeze, have some fun girl chat and tell them about your massage or teach them some belly dancing moves. When you go to eat your chocolate covered fruit, pop open a champagne bottle (or sparkling grape juice or those under 21) and enjoy the fruits. Cosmo has said the sexy fruit to eat is a strawberry, what better way to do it with your girls!

Lacey underwear – Buy yourself, and wear, some sexy little undies! No one has to know, you don’t have to show anyone, but the fact that you know gives enough thrills. I personally like to shop at Victoria’s Secret, because their PINK section usually has 5 for $25, or Charolette Russe has some inexpensive undies too. And when that hunky man comes around you have a fun pair to show off.

Dance – Not only does this burn calories, but it’s fun and it has some great moves to feel sexy about you. This is a way to get in touch with your body and to see what you can do! And then you can bust out those sexy moves on the dance floor and have some guys watching you.

Nicole Lumbreras is a junior at University of Iowa, class of 2012, studying Journalism and Sociology. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Nicole loves to explore new restaurants, see live music and attend sporting events. Nicole loves to travel, dance, write in her blog and takes pleasure in the art of photography. Nicole loves to spend time with her friends and family, and when time allows she will get her fill of Bad Girls Club, Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and Grey's Anatomy. Nicole recently got foot surgery and rediscovered running; her goal is to run a half marathon before she is 25. After college she plans to move into the city (Chicago) with a American bulldog, attend graduate school at night and hopefully write for Chicago Magazine or another fun and upcoming project.
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