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How to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Iowa City Without Being Stuck at a Bar

Iowa City might not dye their river green, but they still know how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day right.  We searched long and hard for the best ways people in Iowa City could celebrate the special day where everyone is Irish without having to be stuck in a crowded bar the whole night…here is what we found!


The Yacht Club is having their annual St. Patrick’s Day Massacre, which will have both Iowa City’s famous FireSale and Soul Phlegm performing on their stage.  If the bands weren’t enough to sell you on the $5 ticket, the fact that if you spend all day at the event you get not only a free t-shirt, but also your picture on The Yacht Club’s wall should be enough to convince you.


Linn Street Cafe is having their Guinness Dinner.  This is a four course meal full of Irish inspiration and, as the name suggests, Guinness Stout is an ingredient in each dish.  And to make the meal even better it comes with a bottomless pint of Guinness.  The courses include: Guinness battered fish and chips, Irish lamb stew with Guinness soda bread, Guinness glazed corned beef, Guinness-chocolate mousse, and more.


Another dining option is Atlas, who is having their own special St. Pack’s Day menu.  Their house-made corned beef and cabbage dish sold out quickly last year during the special, so be sure to get to the restaurant early to get a taste of this authentic Irish dish. Their dedicated chefs have been taking almost 20 days to prepare the corned beef from scratch, so you and your taste buds can taste the difference.  If you aren’t one for corned beef, they have other specials such as fish and chips (battered in Exile Brewery beer from Des Moines).  Their sides include items such as apple coleslaw and medley of root vegetables consisting of yellow, orange, and purple carrots and potatoes.


Lastly, no matter where you spend your time on St. Patrick’s Day you need to be wearing the right attire.  Ragstock has an entire section of their store dedicated to decking you out for the special day.  Whether you have nothing green in your closet or you just need a few more accessories, Ragstock is the place to go.  They have crazy hats and hair pieces for those who go to bars or concerts and ties for those of you who take advantage of Atlas or Linn Street Cafe specials.


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