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How To: Enjoy Fall in Iowa City

Fall is finally here and that means pumpkin spice lattes, apple crisp, and the latest fall jackets. The cooler weather also brings many people enjoying time outside. There are the typical things to enjoy the weather including tailgates, bags, and simply walking to class, but how about spice things up? I am here to help the bored and helpless ones who need a change in their lives and lucky for them, Iowa City is the hub of fall activities.

  1. Carving Pumpkins-One of the cheapest ways to hang out outdoors with friends. Seriously, one pumpkin usually runs around five dollars a piece at the local Hy-Vee. A pumpkin carving kit, 2 dollars at Dollar Tree. It’s easy, cheap, and great way for your creativity to come into play.


  1. Go to an Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch— Who doesn’t like homemade apple crisp or pumpkin pie? Take a stroll through an apple orchard or pumpkin patch to get all your needs for your homemade baked goods. This is a great way to get the girls together, but also to take those needed “fall scenery photo shoots” that you have been dying to do. Some recommended places would be Wilson’s Orchard or Bloomsbury Farm.


  1. Oktoberfest—For the collegiates who have always been dying to go to Germany in October, but never had the funds to buy the plane ticket, no fear we have you covered.  Every year Amana Colonies (a 20 minute drive from Iowa City) hosts Oktoberfest. In this celebration there are a lot of brats, music, windmills, and beer in gallons. It’s a great date idea for you and your special someone. What guy wouldn’t be game for drinking out of a boot of beer?


  1. Go to a Haunted House—For those who like a little thrill in their lives, I would highly suggest attending a haunted house. There are a lot in the area including a haunted corn maze to a nine-story building full of spookiness. Get your friends together and either laugh about the corniness or hold each other’s hands as you walk through.


  1. Host your own Halloween Party—Many of us have been to Halloween parties, but hosting one is entirely a different story. It can be more fun because you are the one that’s in charge of decorations, what to drink, and who to invite. I have hosted a Halloween party every single year and I absolutely love it! I recommend getting flashing lights and fake cobwebs to hang from your ceiling to get that extra spooky feel.


  1. Go on a Hayride- Something that I have always wanted to do! Going on a hayride just screams fall and it will be even more enjoyable with some hot apple cider and a warm blanket! It’s a great way to experience the woods and see the leaves change.

Remember collegiates winter is around the corner, so go outside and enjoy the weather while you can! 

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