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How to Cut Calories While Out

Going out with your friends is always a great time. From the delicious food, drinks, and music, it’s easy to get lost in it all and forget to eat healthy from time to time. No ones wants to gain the “freshman 15” at any point in college! There are still ways to go out and enjoy yourself, while still ordering healthy options.

If you’re going out with a big groups of friends and don’t want to be that person who is the “health freak” there are still things you can order without anyone noticing that would be something healthy and good for your diet. Things like wraps, anything that’s grilled or not super processed would be the best option. You can never go wrong with a salad, too. However, don’t get a dressing that is too heavy or creamy because that’s what will ruin it. Try something like a light vinaigrette, or some type of Italian dressing. Obviously, eating a burger is what everyone would want to order (including me), but a salad can be just as appetizing if you make it interesting!

When it comes to drinks, we all know that any type of soda is what we shouldn’t order. Drinking water is what the best possible answer would be and we obviously all know that, too. Some people like a little more flavor in their drinks. To make drinking water more exciting, you could always add some type of fruit or lemon to it to add some sweetness and excitement. I personally like to drink water with lemon and some strawberries. Even though that may sound a little weird, just know that it’s actually super refreshing and still healthy at the same time!

Beer is something that I think we all have a love for. However, it is probably one of the worst things you can have (calorie wise) no matter what beer you drink. Even light beers like Bud Light or some type of hard cider beer will add up in calories, because they’re so easy to drink. It’s hard to choose a healthy option because any type of alcohol is typically high in calories. Red wine can be good for your heart, but only if you drink it in moderation. When you go out, try for a mixed drink with tonic water instead of the usual soda and stay away from fruity drinks like daiquris, sangrias and margaritas. Keep in mind though, that everyone deserves a little break once in a while!  

While eating healthy may be hard and inconvenient at times, hopefully these tips will make it a little easier to make better choices while ordering out with your friends!


Nicky Diaz Student at the University of Iowa Communications major, Human Relations minor
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