How to Create a Vision Board

Recently I have been reading more about manifestation and the Law of Attraction in order to achieve your goals and how to bring more positive energy into your life. While I am not a total believer of those ideas, I do believe in having goals and using a vision board as a way to remind yourself of those ideas on a daily basis. I have had a vision board for about a year and really do believe it helps me actively stride towards accomplishing my goals in life. It also pushes me to be the best version of myself. Here are some steps on how to create and maintain an effective vision board.

1. Find a spot

Finding a spot that you will see every day and that you will be able to reflect on is essential. I would suggest doing it in your room as you can look at the board when you are falling asleep and so that your goals stay private.

Putting photos on a wall is a great way to see your goals every day and also it allows for there to be many photos posted. 

Another great way to show your goals is by having a board that you tac the photos on and this is especially nice if you are worried about taking paint off the wall.

2. Think about your goals

A second and essential step is to really think of your goals and find pictures to represent them. Pinterest is a great place to find these photos. One of the photos I used on my vision board is shown below and it is to remind me to not only go outside more but that I also want to do more camping in the future.

The clothing photo reminds me to live more of a minimalistic lifestyle and to live in a simpler manner, which is a large goal of mine.

3. Add things that will encourage you to follow through 

Not all of the photos on the boards need to be goals, some should be simple little reminders and encouragements to remind you that you are able to achieve those goals and that you can accomplish what you want to.  

Sometimes you also need a friendly reminder that some men are rats. 

4. Reflect on your goals and why you want to accomplish them

Look at your board often and update it as your goals change or you feel that they become accomplished! Remember that you are able to accomplish your goals and you can achieve anything that you actively strive for.

Do not get discouraged if a goal does not seem essential to you anymore, get rid of it. Just try to keep a positive attitude and remember to enjoy every day!

Since creating my vision board, I feel like I strive towards my goals on a daily basis and I also do not let things get me down. I remember all that I want to accomplish and it reminds me that there is so much more life to live after college. I have read more, journaled more and accomplished more goals I have on my vision board since I started using it.

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