How To Become a Plant Mom: 5 Things You Need From Amazon

Black cat with plants Photo by Inna Yatsun on Unsplash


The Basics

Want to become a plant mom but don't know where to start? Well, here's five things that you can buy to help you with your plant mom's journey. 

The first thing is you will need a plant or a few, but you can find one at a local nursery, Lowes's, even some Walmarts have plant centers. After that, get your credit card ready cause here are the five things to help you with your plant journey.

Farmers Market Purchasing Produce Kimberly Kao / Spoon

1. Watering Can

I have this Watering Can, and I love it! It's great for beginners or anyone who has plants! Make sure to look up how much water your plant needs, so you don't overwater or underwater!  


2. Pots

Pots! Every plant will need a home, and these pots are beyond cute and perfect because they have a drainer at the bottom for extra water!


3. Plant Food

Plant food! Because your plant is going to be hungry, this food is super helpful to make them grow!


4. Plant Lights

Plants need light, and with winter coming, this light will help make sure your plants will get the light they need! These bad boys will help them grow!


5. Plant Shelf

You're going to need a place to store all of your plants. This shelf will make sure your plants are all set up in your home! And they come in all different sizes and shapes.

Girl studying surrounded by plants Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels