Her Campus Iowa Celebrates Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day 2016! Whether you use this day to celebrate a mom, grandma, sister, cousin or friend, join us in celebrating all of the moms in our lives! Some of our members took the time to write down why their moms are so special to them. Read what they had to say...

Sarah Nelson

"My mom is honestly my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and everything; she's my go-to confidant. Every day I catch myself becoming more and more like her, and I wouldn't want to be like anyone else. She's fierce and strong-willed and independent and funny and kind and compassionate and so, so loving. I love you more than anything, Mom. Here's to many more coffee dates, shopping trips, and mornings on the couch watching Food Network and HGTV. Have the amazing day you deserve!"

Carly Koemptgen

"If I grow up to be half the woman my mother is, I will be happy. She is one of the strongest and most selfless people I know. She's constantly doing things for others yet still finds time to be silly and enjoy herself. She's the first person I go to whenever I need advice or someone to share in my excitement. I seriously have no idea what I would do without this fantastic example of a real, beautiful, independent woman."

Liz Panella

"I am blessed to have the best mother in the world! First and foremost, she is the most selfless woman I have ever met. She loves being a mom more than anything and always makes sure our family is loved and cared for. She has a kind heart and is always thinking of others. She has taught me the great importance of our faith and always helps me to be the best version of myself. My mom is hilarious and can always make me laugh. At the end of the day, I know how fortunate I am to not only have a mother but a best friend. I love you more than anything, Mom. Happy Mother's Day!"

Taylor Claman

"I love my mom because she has always been a phenomenal, strong leader. She taught my sisters and I how to strive to do our best work, never take no for an answer and always be the person that we would want to encounter. Regardless of however many times we disagree, I know I can count on her."

Katherine Vega

"I love it that my mom has always been my best friend, my motivator and my inspiration!"

Amy Luong

"Thank you mom for all times you've reminded me I am greater than what anyone thinks about me. For letting me travel around the country at the spur of the moment. For being the mom AND dad in my life. Thank you for spoiling me like crazy despite the fact I can be a brat. But mostly thank you for all the sacrifices you made to give your daughters a brighter future by coming to America. Cảm ơn mẹ! (Thank you mom in Vietnamese)."

Brie Lemon

"Thank you for all of the love and support! I don't know what I would without our daily conversations. Thank you for listening to my rants and supporting me when I fall! I love you to the moon and back times a million!"

Kenzie Story

"My mom is probably the most hardworking, caring, cute, silly, outgoing, outrageous, beautiful person in my life. From making school lunches for three picky kids to driving three and a half hours to visit me at college for a day, my mom puts her whole heart into everything she does. My mom is a great planner (where do you think I get my love of list-making from?) but she is also not afraid to face change, attack situations with sarcasm and (sometimes inappropriate) humor and stick up for herself, which are all traits I hope to develop. Plus she is always up to take selfies with me -- what more could a daughter ask for?"

Lexi Atzen

"I think what I love most about my mom is her ability to always make me laugh, smile and feel comforted. There isn't any time that I couldn't call my mom to make me feel better or have her put a smile on my face. I'm blessed to have such a great role model in my life to show me the ropes on how to deal with some of the most difficult obstacles that can be thrown at us. Love you so much momma!!!"

Kylie Kreischer

"My mom means the world to me because she is the most selfless woman I know! Thank you, Mom, for everything you do!"

Rachel Green

"My mom has taught me so much about how to get through whatever the world throws at you. It's because of her that I think of myself as a strong woman. How could I not be when I had her to look up to?"

Marin McCall

"My mom is my best audience. She laughs at all of my stupid jokes, and I love all of hers."

Kendra Schraeder

"What I love most about my mom is her endless support. She is always my number one cheerleader, my best friend and my rock. I don't know what I would do without knowing she always has my back no matter what!"

Isabella Brauhn

"My mom is amazing because she has such a big heart, whether it be for me or my sister or my dad (or her cats); her love is strong and never ending. My mom is the most devoted person I know."

Emily VanWiel

"My mother is the strongest, most driven person I know. She has always inspired me to overcome my challenges and to be the best person I can be."

Melanie Taylor

"My mom is amazing to me because she always knows when to just sit back and listen to what I have to say. It's hard to find someone who will let you unload all your problems on them, but my mom has always been there for me. Whether it's by buying us food or giving us a hug, she makes my sisters and I feel constantly loved and supported."

Gabrielle Perruzzi

"My mom is the most gentle soul that I have ever met. She is kind, caring and extremely generous. She gave up a career to raise me and my sister, and I am so thankful for that. She has always been a wonderful mommy, and as I've gotten older she's become my best friend. My mom has always been my number one supporter, pushing me to be my best and instilling a sense of self in me. She encourages me to be different and appreciates every aspect of who I am. I try to tell her everyday how much I love her, so if you're reading this mom, I love you!"

Paige Netzel

"My Momma is everything to me. She deserves a Mother's Day everyday. She's never said no to doughnuts or Jimmy Fallon. She lets me put my feet up on the dashboard while I talk endlessly about Harry Styles life updates. Crazy to say, but she's my number one, even before dear Harry. Love my Momma more than words can say (and that's saying a lot because I have a lot of words--ones that she always listens to)!"

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! HCXO