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Get To Know The Staff: Julia Collison

Name: Julia Collison

Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology/Pre-Medicine with a minor in Psychology
Hometown: Lake City, Iowa

Motto: “Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough. Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.” -Mother Teresa
One thing I could not live without: Country music
Dream Job: Pediatric oncologist
Something Unique about You: Thanks to the two jobs I’ve had, I can thaw a cow embryo and anesthetize a rat.
What’s Your Best Quality?  My best quality is my talent for dominating at Guitar Hero, except on the medium and hard levels.

Worst? My worst quality is my constant failure to understand what “not blowing my money” means.
What do you like most about Iowa? Without a doubt, University of Iowa Dance Marathon
Plans after Iowa: I plan on applying to medical school to pursue a career as a medical doctor specializing in pediatric oncology, and I’d like to serve in the Peace Corps at some point.

Emily is a junior at the University of Iowa and is studying Journalism and Pre-Law with a minor in Health Communication. She has been a part of the Her Campus University of Iowa team since it was founded in 2010 and is a member of Ed on Campus. She has grown to love magazine writing and editing and if she somehow can't land her dream job (to be Carrie Bradshaw), she wouldn't mind settling for a job in the magazine industry. If nothing else, she hopes to attend law school somewhere in the Bay Area out West, her favorite place to be. Since the age of 15, Emily spent her summers in California, doing internships and falling in love with San Francisco. Some of her other interests include her 4-month-old longhaired wiener dog Henry, blogging, celebrity gossip, sushi, Private Practice, fro-yo, being a journalism nerd, and anything involving good conversation with good people. Although she's not exactly sure of her plans for the future, she knows journalism will somehow be the driving force in her career. 
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