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Fourth Fun!

Red, white and blue!  The Fourth of July is here, and what’s more is that it gives you another good reason to go out and have fun.  I mean let’s be honest, no matter what age, sitting outside and watching fireworks is a blast! (No pun intended!)  The festivities that take place downtown are numerous as well.  There may not be a parade or anything on Independence Day in Iowa City, but the weekend welcomes in Fireworks and the summer Jazz Festival.  So, be sure to dig through your closet and find all your cute red, white and blue attire that you have been saving up for just this occasion because there will be plenty of opportunities to have fun and look amazing while doing it!

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I am a student at the University of Iowa majoring in Journalism with a double major in English. I have always loved to read and write. I am a member of Ed on Campus with Iowa and it is this group that has really sparked my interest in magazines. Once I graduate from Iowa I hope to be hired at a magazine corporation such as Meredith or Hearst.
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