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Feeling Overwhelmed Being In Person? You’re Just Like Everyone Else

Just as virtual life became more comfortable, it ended. I had just started figuring out how to live in a new world. I was adjusting to a new normal, when everything went back to how it was. I’ll be honest though, it doesn’t feel anything like before. Nearly everyone I’ve talked to this semester has expressed similar concern. The worst part about it though, many think they’re alone in these feelings. 

For the past year and a half, the whole world has been virtual. Online meetings, classes, work, and even hangouts. Now, we’re expected to hop right back as if everything is normal. Everything is not normal. Not yet, at least. If you’re feeling like you aren’t adjusting to in person life well, just know you’re not alone. 

Waking up 15 minutes before class starts and eating breakfast on zoom is no longer an option. Not only do you need to make breakfast and get ready before class, you also have to get to class. Even a short commute is time none of us are used to anymore. 

It’s okay if you’re still processing this past year and a half. We as both a society and as individuals experienced a pandemic. A global pandemic. Many people got sick themselves, lost loved ones to COVID-19, jobs, and more. There’s nothing wrong with you if you are still figuring out your life. In fact, it would be more abnormal if you weren’t figuring it out. 

On top of everything, the pandemic isn’t over. Many of us are still weary of getting sick or getting others sick. Many of us live with or work with high risk people or people who can’t get vaccinated. Some of us are high risk ourselves. It’s okay if you need to take a step back. You’re not alone if this semester is making you anxious or stressed. It’s alright if your grades aren’t as high this semester as they were last. You’re doing the best you can given the circumstances, and that is more than enough.

Josie Taylor

U Iowa '23

Josie is a junior at University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communications, and is getting a certificate in ASL. Besides writing, Josie enjoys watching Netflix and listening to Taylor Swift.
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