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The Definitive Ranking Of New Girl Thanksgiving Episodes

New Girl is known for its Thanksgiving episodes. It’s the one holiday the creators always make sure to have an episode for. The key is that something always goes wrong, and why wouldn’t it with our lovable loft roomies? Check out the list of what I believe to be the best and worst Thanksgiving episodes (although there are genuinely no bad ones).

5. Season 6, Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving

Season 6 gets a little rough with the trainwreck that is Jess and Robby’s relationship. While it comes to a sweet beginning during this episode, the rest of what goes down with Schmidt’s adulterous father is none too thrilling and not all that funny either. Plus, the title is “Last Thanksgiving,” and they end the episode with a toast to the last loft thanksgiving. What? Why? Even if Schmidt and Cece will be in their own house, that does not mean it has to be the last Thanksgiving they have in the loft. Do you hear me Liz Meriwether?!

4. Season 3, Episode 10: Thanksgiving III

Though the premise of camping as a Thanksgiving adventure certainly has its promises, it’s not one of the funniest Thanksgiving episodes we’ve had the privilege of enjoying, especially since the notion of camping comes from Nick feeling like he’s losing his “manliness,” which is just silly. There are, of course, still some great moments, especially when Jess loses her gosh darn mind from eating a diseased fish.

3. Season 2, Episode 8: Parents

The reference to the iconic film “Parent Trap” is an obvious selling point for this episode. It has its strange moments, like Nick being attracted to Jess’ mom and the awkward acceptance of Jess’ parents referring to their makeout in the bathroom as a hookup. But some of the best lines of the whole show come out of this episode. Examples include: Nick; “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.” Or Winston with, “When do we start eating?”

2. Season 1, Episode 6: Thanksgiving

This was the first-ever New Girl Thanksgiving episode, and it does not disappoint. Beginning with an appearance of Justin Long as the male version of Jess with the climax an exploding turkey in the dryer and ending with a dead body, there is no lack of crazy in this episode.

1. Season 4, Episode 9: Thanksgiving IV

Two words. Ryan Geauxinue. An episode spurred by some Schmidt antics, “Bangsgiving” might seem completely ridiculous, but it has loft members mixed up in all kinds of funny plots. One of the best is due to a typical Winston move of being scared of his date because of a past trauma with lunch ladies. Aside from the silliness, we learn how perfect Ryan is, and it’s certainly arguable that he’s a close second to Nick in the lineup of Jess’ boyfriends. Plus there’s also a really sweet moment with Schmidt and Cece, which we all deserve.

Which of these infamous New Girl Thanksgiving episodes are your fave? Regardless, you should take the time to watch them all before this Thanksgiving. New Girl is always a reason to be thankful.

Paige Netzel is a senior at the University of Iowa, studying English and Creative Writing with a Cinema minor. Coffee, creating playlists, and gratitude are essential to keeping her going. Check her out on Twitter for some hecka funny tweets or on Spotify for those dope playlists.
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