Dating Apps at The University of Iowa: Student Perspectives

With the emergence of dating apps like Bumble and Tinder, I was left wondering: how many collegiettes at the The University of Iowa really use them? What do they really think of them? I decided to interview UIowa female students about their thoughts on all the buzz surrounding the dating app craze. Overall, there were very mixed results. Some love them, some hate them, some barely know what they are. Read on to hear the varying perspectives I received during my interviews.

"I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly on my dating apps. I have both Tinder and Bumble, and I've been on a lot of great dates from them. I do get some creepy, out-of-line messages sometimes, but overall, I've had great experiences with dating apps. I've extended my network and met some really interesting people, so I don't plan on deleting them anytime soon!" -Haley, University of Iowa Senior

“I don’t get it, honestly. Why are people so obsessed with it? All I’ve met are sleazy guys who want hookups. For the short time I used it (Tinder), I didn’t like it. I see it as an act of desperation. I think people should go out and mingle instead of hiding behind a screen for a shameless hookup.” -Elizabeth, University of Iowa Senior

"I'm such a grandma when it comes to technology and new apps. I know the ideas surrounding Tinder, and some of my friends have it, but I've never used it or seen it. I've had a committed long-term boyfriend, so I don't see a use for it in my own life. I'm not against it, though." -Riley, University of Iowa Freshman

"I think dating apps are definitely this generation's online dating site. More and more people are using them to meet. Whether it's a one night thing or a relationship, people are definitely turning to them to find someone. I've never had one but most of my friends do have them and some matches have turned into relationships, so why not? If you can meet someone you have a serious connection with, why not?" -Mariah, Univeristy of Iowa Senior

"I think dating apps are weird, and I wish people would just meet in person! But people these days, especially people our age, seem to be more afraid to actually talk to people and get to know them in person than previous generations. And I think people these days are more scared of committing to relationships and just want to hook up." -Jasmine, University of Iowa Sophomore

"I think that dating apps like Bumble and Tinder are fun ways to network and meet new people that you wouldn't usually come accross by going to your usual hangout spots and seeing the same crowds every time you go out." -Cassandra, University of Iowa Grad Student

"I definitely like Bumble over Tinder, because you don't have to talk to the guy if you don't want to. You also won't recieve creepy random messages like you usually do on Tinder." -Piper, University of Iowa Senior

"I think people are starting to take dating apps more seriously now. People are starting to use them as more of a social thing rather than dating. People can find friends on there and meet new people, whether it be a boyfriend or just a connection. When they first came out, my friends would download them for fun. Now my friends actually meet the people they message with." -Jennifer, University of Iowa Junior

"I love to see people I know on them. It's entertaining to see what pictures they have as their profile pictures and how they want to represent themselves to the outside online dating world." -Kate, University of Iowa Freshman

Reading these, what are your thoughts? Do you choose to swipe right or left on dating apps?


**Some names have been changed