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Meet Erin Manfull. She is one of the most involved and dedicated college student’s that I know. She takes “making the most out of your college experience” to the next level. If you are trying to become more involved in your time at the University of Iowa, take some advice from her. We can all appreciate her passion and participation, and it can even encourage you to go out and try something new. Erin is a junior here and a journalism and sports studies major. She is from our very own Iowa City, Iowa. Other than being a student with a job at Molly’s cupcakes (where she brings a smile to customers every day), she is also in a sorority, previously had a public relations position in her sorority, was a previous Rho Gamma, is a current Morale Captain for the upcoming Dance Marathon 21, is the public relations chair for STAR and has made her own contributions to the community. When Erin’s friend from Iowa City passed away, she helped contribute to her memory in the community by painting a bench in her honor that sits in the downtown area of Iowa City. Erin also writes about her experiences throughout college in her own blog called “Manfull’s Handful.” This semester, Erin has taken her studies to Cork, Ireland where she is traveling and studying abroad. This is an opportunity offered through the university, which she has taken advantage of and is writing about her adventures and experiences in her blog.

What has made you want to get involved in what your campus has to offer?

“Honestly, I like knowing what’s going on- and I really like to be a part of something that’s bigger than me. It’s really good to get involved in campus activities and organizations because it really helps to grow: helps you time manage, meet new people, find out what interests you.”

How has your study abroad experience been so far and would you recommend students to take advantage of that opportunity?

“It has been an absolute blast! It is such an incredible experience if you get the opportunity to do so. I got a wave of homesickness about half way in, but I just had to remind myself of all the adventures in store for me and how lucky I am to be here! It is really cool to see how other people live, what they do for fun, and the different words they use- it’s just so cool!”

Do you have any advice to those who may not have as much motivation to get involved?

“For those who may not have that much motivation- find something that you are passionate about, you’re more likely to meet a few people who share that same interest! That’s what getting involved is all about- making memories!”

I hope that Erin’s involvement and passion to try new things has inspired you to get involved on campus and meet new people!

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