8 Ways to Rock the Half-Up Hairdo

It's a rough transition going back to school from summer break. You've gotten to sleep in, relax, take it easy. But now you have to go to classes, which means getting up earlier, and doing your hair at least a little bit so that you're ready to face the world. One of my favorite hairstyles is the half-up look because it is so easy but looks cute! Although for a while, I thought that this hairstyle just wasn't for me, because every time I tried a typical half-up hairstyle, I looked like a twelve year old. It turns out there are a ton of different ways to pull this style off, and if one isn't working for you, try again with one of these great options.

1. Half-Up Bun

This hairstyle goes with almost anything and is probably the easiest one that still looks like you're trying. No matter if you have curly, straight, or wavy hair, this style looks adorable!

2. Half Braid

If you can braid, I would definitely recommend this hairdo! This one is great in the winter too, and has a really loose and boho feel.

3. Party Pony

This is your classic half up-do, and looks good with just about anything. Style your hair, or don't, and you'll kill it with this great look.

4. French Braided Top Knot

Again, this one looks like you're trying really hard, when in reality it's a pretty easy look to pull off. This one has a little more edge, but you could easily wear it with a softer, sweeter look too.

5. Double Braids

You can do this look with braids or fishtails if you're expert level. If you're trying to dress it up a little, you can tease your hair before pinning it down.

6. Twisted Halo

This half-up hairdo looks amazing and classy if you're going for a dressy feel, but it literally takes two seconds!

7. Low Pony

You can definitely catch me rocking this one in class; it's super easy and goes with anything!

8. Twist and Pin

If I'm going to put in a little effort and do loose curls, this is my favorite. It looks fabulous whether or not you style it, and all you have to is twist and pin! This hairstyle almost looks better when it's messy, so you can bet it's one of my favorites.

So, next time you're running a little behind, pull out one of these classic hairstyles and you'll still rock your way through this semester!

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