7 Questionably Stupid Costumes of 2018

With trends changing and new films and TV shows constantly coming out, Halloween costumes are becoming more creative, but definitely also very dumb. While Halloween is all about fun and games, along with having a good spook, many times people forget about all that and come up with some pretty questionable costume ideas. 

When thinking of stupid Halloween costumes, it’s hard not to include all the costume ideas that were forced to be “sexy." Costume site yandy.com is full of costumes that are dedicated to fulfilling that "sexy" look and here are some of their questionable and unnecessary attempts at making basic occupations into all things sexual. 

1. "Shining Bright Pope"

Last time I checked, the only one allowed to try to make the pope look good and chic was Rihanna. 

2. "Kiss Me Frog"

Why kiss a couple of frogs, when you can just be one?

3. "Cookie Monster"

I guess some could say that Cookie Monster was the sexiest puppet on Sesame Street. 

4. "Sexy Poop Emoji"

While the eyes on the poop emoji are cute, there is nothing ~sexy~ about the poop emoji and should definitely not be a costume.

5. "Heart of Tin"

The tin man​ is currently shaking in his boots right now. 

While sites like yandy enjoy giving their costumes certain sex appeal, there are other stores that have also come up with some pretty weird costume ideas.

6. "Influencer"

Urban Outfitters decided to take advantage of the new wave of millennial careers and make it into a costume. $59 for just the bra top and leggings, might as well sign up for a Fabletics account and get the same thing for probably $10 cheaper. 

7. "Ghosted"

As if it didn't hurt enough to get ghosted, Party City thought it would be a great idea to remind you about all the times you've been left on read and make it into a ~spooky~ dress. 

While I found many of these costumes to be hilariously stupid, by all means go out there and be the sexiest poop emoji or pope you can be!

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