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7 Cool Apps You Need To Check Out

There’s an app for everything these days. And I’m not going to lie, some of them are really handy and useful. Here’s a list of a few top apps you should check out!

1. Free Prints

It’s exactly what the name of the app is. They’re basically developed copies of your pictures, if you wanted to stick them on your wall or use it for an album! The only thing you need to pay for is shipping, but other than that you get 80 prints per month that you can order. You can order them straight from your phone, and within a week or so they’re delivered to your doorstep. I highly recommend it. I’ve used it, and I love it!

2. Geocaching

This app is great for the free spirit inside you. Bring out your adventurous side because with this you’re going to do a lot of exploring. With geocaching you’ll be hunting and digging for hidden objects. You have GPS coordinates and hints. Anyone can place geocaches. You’ll be part of a growing treasure hunting community, and it’ll all be through your phone! You should totally download this, and then you’ll feel like going on an adventure.

3. Wattpad

Other than films and TV shows, I’m a book fanatic, and this app gives me the chance to explore books written by other users. For the creative streak in you, you can create your own story as well! Don’t attack me because it’s online. I love paper copies of books, too, but you’ll be able to access your own library of books via this app. It’s wonderful.

4. Retrica

Worry no more about finding the perfect Snapchat filter because Retrica has plenty! It’s a nice app to edit your best pictures and use that grey scale if you’re aiming for a deep meaningful picture. It contains several filters, and you can choose the best one and save it to your camera roll. You can take pictures on the app, or you can edit an existing picture of yours. It’s pretty handy.

5. Busuu

Have you always wanted to learn a new language but had no idea where to start? Well, wonder no more because this app takes you step by step through learning a new language. You can choose from Spanish, Arabic, Italian and others too! It’s always handy to learn another language, so why not give it a go?

6. TV show trac.

If you’re like me, you probably watch a gazillion shows. Our brains can only do so little, so I introduce you to this fantastic TV show tracker. Not only do you have all your shows in one place to remind yourself of which ones you watch and which ones you want to start, but you also get notifications on the day when a show is going to air. If you’ve started a new show, you can also tick off the episodes you’ve watched, so when you do take a break, you know where you left off.

7. Shazam

I go absolutely mad when I hear a song but don’t know which one it is. Isn’t that frustrating? Because then you’re stuck for the whole day—or even days—humming that tune that you so desperately need to discover. Shazam is here to save the day. It’s actually helped me on more than a few occasions. Hear a song you like? Just hit the app and ‘Shazam’ it. 

Ridhima Jagtap is a college newbie, a.k.a a freshman, working towards a degree in the field of journalism. You'll often find her chasing after cats and watching adorable cat videos on YouTube. If she's not doing this then she'll be singing her lungs out so that her whole floor can hear her. She hopes to blow people away with writing what she's passionate about. Books, music and a lot of animals!
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