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6 Ways To Stay Motivated Second Semester

As we near the middle of second semester, and it starts to get a little nicer out, tt can be easy to start dreaming about summer and start slacking in our classes. I have definately fallen into this trap after feeling completely overwhelmed with midterms and papers. While I would much rather just binge-watch my stress away, I realized that working hard now is important so that I don’t regret it later. That being said, here are some tips to stay motivated and finish up the semester strong. 

1. Stay organized

This is so important because it can keep you feeling less overwhelmed and more focused on your goals. I suggest getting a planner to keep track of everything going on in your life. I color code my planner based off of classes and activities that I am involved in. For example, I write my psychology exams/ due dates in purple and my sociology notes in blue. This not only makes me more productive, but it looks pretty too. Also, I try to make a big to-do list at the beginning of the week so that I know what I have to get done each day. I love organization because it makes your life seem like it’s put together even if that isn’t really the case. 

2. Actually go to class

Yes, this includes lectures that aren’t technically “required.” I have been really struggling with this throughout my time in college, but I realized that when I actually make it to class, I feel so much more productive which makes me happier in the long run. Additionally, going to class regularly will create less work later on becuase you don’t need to teach yourself the material. 

3. Work out

This is a great way to ease stress and build confidence. Whenever I start my day off by working out, I definitely feel way more productive and motivated in my classes. Plus, you will be super thankful later when it is shorts/tank top season. 

4. Take less naps

I discovered naps this year and instantly fell in love. However, I quickly realized that whenever I take a nap I don’t want to do anything for the rest of the day. Now I try to take less naps and instead try to get enough sleep during the night. This totally fixed my damaged sleep schedule, which makes me less tired during the day and more productive instead. 

5. Ditch the sweatpants during the day

I stopped wearing sweatpants or leggings everyday and actually tried to start looking cute for class. This is because it makes me feel more confident and professional, which helps me remember my goals. I found that when I actually try to look decent, I am way more likely to make it to my classes and get my work done. 

6. Take time to relax and have fun 

This is definitely the most important thing in moderation. If you don’t take time off of studying to do something that YOU want to do, you will eventually burn out and want to give up. Make sure you set aside time every week to watch some Netflix, go out with friends or just have a lazy day. 

Above all, just remember that you are almost halfway done with the semester, and you can do it! Don’t lose track of your goals, and work hard now so that you can party hard later. You got this! 

First year Psychology student at The University of Iowa. Made of big dreams and a lot of coffee.
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