6 Times Your Alarm Clock Failed You

Your alarm clock: the cockblock between you and your bed and the reason you dread the whole day. While some people can wake up with the sun and be well-rested, some of us binge watch Netflix until 2 a.m. and like to sleep until 10 in the morning. You HAVE to get your 8 hours of sleep. However, sometimes your alarm clock fails you during the times you really need it, like when you have an early morning flight or when you only want to take a 30-minute nap, but it turns into a 2-hour nap. Whenever it was, there's sure to be a time when your alarm failed you.

1. When you don’t even remember turning it off or pressing snooze

The days you wake up and you know you have an alarm set, but when you do wake up you notice it’s past the time you were supposed to wake up. You look at your phone and you had already turned it off, but in your half-awake/half-asleep state, you don’t remember turning it off before returning to your bed.

2. When you forget to set up your alarm

You wake up later than you wanted to only to realize you did not set up your alarm. Even though you set it to EVERYDAY, it decided to be turned off.

3. When you fall back asleep without a backup alarm

You wake up, and you trust your body to wake you up after saying “5 more minutes,” but your alarm should know better than to let you go back to sleep without setting up a backup alarm. Now watch those 5 minutes turn into an hour.

4. When you oversleep the 3 alarms

So you came to terms with the fact you’re a deep sleeper and not a lover of alarms, so you set 3 alarms just to be sure you wake up on time. But, after snoozing the first alarm, your alarm gives up and just doesn’t bother with the other alarms. It’s like it lost hope, like you kind of just gave up on the morning.

5. Snoozing those 7 a.m. gym alarms

Your alarm knew better than you. Rest your little head, the rec is open until 11 p.m.  There are better times to go to the gym. 

6. Having snooze as an option

Why have the snooze button at all? They don’t want to you succeed, that’s why.


Sometimes a relationship depending on your alarm clock is a toxic one, so you have to cut the snoozer. Hit the hay in a timely manner and one day you’ll be waking up with the sun. 

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