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5 TV Show Friendships That Are Goals

One of the best things about binge watching a good show is falling in love with the relationships between characters. My favorite character dynamic is between the best friends on each show. It’s fun to watch watch what crazy shenanigans that they get themselves into and see how their friendships develop and grow throughout the seasons, especially these five who I think are #FriendshipGoals.

1. Mindy and Morgan (The Mindy Project

Let’s face it: Morgan would do anything for Mindy. When Mindy needs Morgan’s help, the minute she calls or texts him he’ll answer right away and be there ASAP. He throws her birthday parties, runs errands for her, gives her gifts, consoles and compliments her and babysits her kid for free. Sometimes it feels that Morgan’s the only one putting effort into their friendship, but it’s obvious Mindy actually cares about him (no matter how annoying he can get), and was the one who gave him a chance and hired this crazy ex-felon.   

2. Joey and Chandler (Friends)

These two are not only best friends, but were roomies for a long time too. Chandler helped pay the bills when Joey’s struggling acting career checks didn’t cut it, they bonded in those iconic lazy-boy recliners and even raised a duck and chicken together. Chandler always supported Joey’s career endeavors and Joey returned the favor by supporting and keeping the secret of Chandler and Monica’s relationship.  

3. Dwight and Michael (The Office)

Dwight was not only was the assistant to the regional manager to Michael Scott, but was his best friend. Dwight had Michael’s back and did whatever he said, even taking the blame for the infamous golden ticket fiasco when Michael thought he’d get fired. Even though Michael never wanted to admit his best friendship with Dwight, it was proof that he felt the same way when he gave Dwight that tear-jerking letter on his last day before moving to Colorado with Holly and when he showed up and surprised Dwight on his wedding day. 

4. Eric and Hyde (That 70’s Show)

Childhood friends that you grow up with are the best. For starters, these two shared their first bong rip together, so of course they’re going to be homies for life. The two proved to be more like family than friends when Erick convinced his parents to let Hyde live with them. Growing up together, Erick and Hyde have been through a lot and have many memories to look back on and laugh about. #BrothersForLife

5. Michael and El (Stranger Things

I guess growing up in the 80’s they never drilled in stranger danger (see what I did there?) because Michael just lets this random freaky lookin’ girl stay in his home secretly… for days. He had a lot at risk, and still continued to look out for her after all that sh*t went down. But in return, El pulls through big time with her special powers by saving Michael’s life when two punks from school try to convince him to jump off of a cliff. And throughout their ride-or-die journey together, their friendship seems to be moving to the next level ~oOoOo~. 

These five different friendships are iconic and will forever be #FriendshipGoals. 

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