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5 Things Every Girl Must Have in Her Wardrobe

School is back in session and that means dressing for every occasion either it being a sorority event, class, or that must go to party. If you are like me, every time I go to my closet I feel that I don’t have anything to wear. I will try to help that problem by providing five basic staples that should be in every girl’s wardrobe. Having these staples will provide more ways to mix and match outfits and less times running to the mall to get that last minute dress!

1. Perfect Fitting Jeans—Every girl has their favorite jeans, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best fitting jeans. The perfect fitting jean should match your body type, be the right size, and fit your personality. There are so many jeans out there ranging from the high-waisted to the ultra flair. Find your style and then ask a consultant at the store to help you find one that fits. It will allow you to wear it to any occasion from work to play. I suggest checking out the GAP or the Buckle.

2. Little Black Dress—Have you ever been in that situation where you just got invited to that black tie event and you have nothing to wear? Look no further than the little black dress! This dress saves you in so many situations because you can dress it up and down. To dress it up just wear your favorite colored heals and accent jewelry. To dress it down, throw on a jean jacket and black flats and your ready to go! There are so many different styles to choose from with a black dress and you can essentially find them anywhere!

3. A Pair of Flats—The flats saved the feet from the heels. Seriously, after wearing heels for over three hours your feet start to hurt. Switch them out for flats and your feet will thank you! Flats provide any fashionista with comfort, but yet still looking put together and cute. I prefer to have a pair of black ones always on hand because they go with mostly anything. Kohl’s has some cute ones from the LC Lauren Conrad Collection.

4. Cardigan—The nice thing about a cardigan is that you can wear it in any season and situation. I usually wore a cardigan to work during the summer to battle the cold office chill. In the winter it’s nice to have one on hand for the temperature and to spice up your outfit. I have cardigans in almost every color. Express and Banana Republic are good outlets to find some cute options.

5. A Nice Watch—One thing that a lot of people first notice about your outfit is your accessories. A watch is a big one that many look at it: including employers! Watches are nice because they allow my wardrobe to look more put together and professional, but also allow me to stay on time. Check out Michael Kors and Fossil for some up-to-date watches.
There you collegiates, the top five things you should have in closet. Now time to get shopping! 

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