5 Things To Do When You're Sick of Winter

It’s that time during winter when you’re just sick of the cold. There isn’t a ~winter wonderland~ outside anymore; it’s slushy and gray. The wind makes your face hurt as you hustle from building to building between classes and there doesn’t seem to be any way to avoid it. Snow boots, hats, scarves and parkas make you sweat and never go with your outfit.

Although there’s still plenty of time for winter to do its worst, there are tons of ways you can forget about the frigid temperatures for a little while.

1. Watch some summer-themed movies

Maybe if you focus hard enough on the movie, it’ll actually feel like you’re on a beach. Grab some of your besties, pop some popcorn and get cozy. Some movies to start with are Mamma Mia, Teen Beach Movie, Blue Crush, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Moana.

2. Drink some hot cocoa

Even though hot cocoa is seen as a stereotypical wintertime drink, that doesn’t mean it won’t warm you up. Put some marshmallows into it for good measure and to cheer you up, and soon you’ll be feeling warm and fuzzy from head to toe.

3. Appreciate mini “heat waves”

Anytime the temperature goes above 30 degrees, it feels like it’s summer again. Take advantage of days like that because who knows when the next one will come around? Even if it is only 35 degrees, it’ll still make your walk to classes so much better.

4. Plan your spring break

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel somewhere warm for spring break, get pumped! You probably already have some sort of idea of what you’ll be doing for the break, but if you don’t, finding something fun to do will keep your mind off all the snow.

5. Scroll through Instagram

Looking at some pictures of beautiful beaches, blue water and white sand will definitely cheer you up because who doesn’t love checking out some beautiful pictures? You can even look at some of your own photos from warmer weather and think about how great it’ll be once winter is over.

Stay warm, collegiettes!

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