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4 Covid Safe St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Covid-19 has unfortunately not come to an end yet. We’re coming up on our second Covid St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is normally a time for parties, but this year isn’t normal. It’s important to continue to be safe, even though I am sure you’re tired of that. 

Make a St. Patrick’s day craft

There are so many great ideas for crafts on the internet. Pinterest has so many options for those of all age ranges and skill levels. You can make something to hang up in your home or something to use as a photo prop. If you live with people, crafts are a great activity to do together. Afterward, take time to have fun with- or at least photograph- whatever you make. 

Try a St. Patrick’s Day inspired meal or drink

My favorite part of the holiday is that anything green can be a themed food or beverage if you want. Maybe try to make a new green smoothie, or add green food coloring to your favorite food. If you like shamrock shakes, try to see if you can make your own! You could also try to make a green cocktail (or mocktail) if drinking is a St. Patrick’s day tradition for you. 

Watch an Irish movie

There are a ton of movies about Irish people, Ireland and Irish Americans. There are serious movies like Brooklyn and feel-good kids movies like Luck of the Irish. You and your friends or family can watch it at the same time from wherever you are thanks to streaming services. You could also watch with roommates or on your own. Movies are a great way to get in the holiday spirit. 

Learn about the history of St. Patrick’s day

If you’re like me, you may not know much about St. Patrick’s day. I personally know almost nothing. Study how it started, and what it means now. Learn about how it’s celebrated in the United States versus other countries. Once you know enough you could even make an online trivia for your friends or family.

I hope this can help you figure out how to have a fun St. Patrick’s Day while being conscious of Covid-19. Hopefully, next St. Patrick’s Day can be a normal one. 

Josie Taylor

U Iowa '23

Josie is a junior at University of Iowa studying Journalism and Mass Communications, and is getting a certificate in ASL. Besides writing, Josie enjoys watching Netflix and listening to Taylor Swift.
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