15 Things That You Experienced During Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is arguably the best weekend of the summer in Chicago. It is the proper send off and the one last hoorah with friends before leaving to go back to college. While the headliners change every year, the things that happen within those sacred Grant Park grounds never do. Here’s a list of the 15 things that you most likely experienced throughout your time at Lolla:

1. A group of catty girls cut you in line going into the fest by claiming that “their friend is up there.”

2. Lost one or all of your belongings (or got it stolen — f*** those scumbags).

3. Took a ~candid~ picture with your best friend in front of the Lolla balloon sign and used a basic caption like “Lollaland” or “Lollapaloozers.”

4.  Spent most of your $$$ on one too many overpriced Bud Light and wine bottles.

5. Separated from your friends for a hot minute and walked around aimlessly trying to find them with no cell service.

6. Had a near-death experience of getting trapped in a mosh pit most likely started by jersey-wearing-#SAFTB-frat-stars.

7. Made a ridiculous amount of Snapchats on your story and shamefully cut it down the next morning.

8. Got on some random guy’s shoulders and ditched him right after.

9. Woke up with your voice raspy from belting out "Mr. Brightside" at The Killers set the night before.

10. Lost track of time dancing to random DJs at Perry's while missing an act that you originally wanted to see.

11. Waited forever at the porta pottys and contemplated just squatting but didn't want to risk ending up on Barstool Sports or 5th Year social media accounts. 

12. Chowed hard at Lolla’s Chow Town… deep dish pizza and lobster corn dogs for the win.

13. Saw some ratchet outfits on girls too young to be there who were dancing with boys to old for them to be with.

14. Got locked out of your single bed hotel that 10 of your friends shared and crammed into.

15. Took an overpriced Uber back to the ‘burbs because you missed your train.

Relax and rejuvenate in order to prepare to experience it all over again next year at Lollapalooza 2018!


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