15 Movies to Avoid on Netflix

As someone who watches Netflix frequently, I have seen my share of horrible movies and shows. I have been warned about bad movies on Netflix, and now I am here to warn you too, either to help you not waste your time or to help you find movies perfect for wasting time. Note: these films are not in order from best-worst or worst-worst movies. My sincere apologizes if any of these films are your favorites. Here are 15 movies to avoid on Netflix.

1. Emoji Movie

The first (and only) time I saw this film I was with little kids and none of us thought it was funny. Since this film features big celebrities you would think it would be decently funny but it was far from it. It had a crappy script and was flat out dumb.

2. Irreplaceable You

Not liking this movie was such a big disappointment for me because I am a big fan of Michiel Huisman. This movie was so slow and had an awful ending. I feel as though this movie saw the recent trend of movies involving characters with cancer and decided to create a similar film. If I am looking to watch a movie with a similar plot to this, I would much rather watch My Sisters Keeper or The Fault in the Stars.

3. Adore

This film is about two middle-aged women who are best friends and begin to have affairs with each other's adult sons. Not only is this movie totally weird, but it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable afterward.

4. Sierra Burgess is a Loser

In no world would someone be catfished and be nonconsensually kissed and still fall for the girl. The only credit I will give this movie is that the song "Sunflower" featured in it is a bop.

5. 6 Years

This film romanticizes a domestically abusive relationship while the girlfriend abuses her boyfriend who continues to blame himself for her actions, which is why this film may be my least favorite I have ever seen.

6. Before We Go

This film focuses on chanced encounters with random people and just fell flat and had little substance. It takes place all in a few hours and there is no action or climax in the entire film. Rather than sit through this movie, I would rather go out and have small talk with random strangers because it would pretty much be the same thing that the characters in this movie do.

7. The Fundamentals of Caring

As someone who is a big Paul Rudd fan, I thought he was the only decent character. Selena Gomez stars in this movie too, but I thought she was a terrible actress in it. The only positive aspect of this film is that it showed a boy with a disability who lived their life to the fullest and did not let it define his life. 

8. 6 Balloons

This film shows a sibling relationship where one is addicted to drugs and the other often enables the other. This movie was really sad and did not have an ending to justify the rest of the film. Although I understand that not all drug addictions have happy endings, this film was just extremely sad and did not show many different perspectives of drug abuse.

9. Naomi and Elys No Kiss List

Two friends, one a straight female, and the other a gay male, fight over the more average dude and cannot decide which friend he seems to be attracted to... this is all you really need to know.

10. SPF-18

Although Noah Centineo is beautiful, this movie is a dumb romantic film and has little substance to it. If you want to watch a good movie with  Noah Centineo in it then I would recommend To All the Boys I've Loved Before on Netflix.

11. The Package

If you do not like blood, severed genitals, and a bad ending, then do not watch this film.

12. Bachelorette

This film has Rebel Wilson in it and usually I cry laughing every time I watch a film she stars in, but this movie was bland and many of the jokes fell flat.

13. Happy Anniversary

The trailer for this movie makes it look extremely interesting and funny but in reality, it is just about a couple who has been together for a long time who are in a major fight (not too far off from many peoples reality).

14. Obvious Child

This film is super slow and has no climax as viewers know how the film will end the entire time. It's filled with bad jokes and has a dumb dialogue. As someone who loved Jenny Slate in Parks and Recreation , I was hoping that her humor would come through in this movie, however, it was disappointing and left me wanting to go back two hours and choose a different movie.

15. Spring Breakers

Although we all love James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens, this movie is weird and has been known to traumatize any Disney Channel fan. When I asked friends to give me an input on worst movies on Netflix many said this movie was the worst and ruined several different popular celebrities for them.

I am sorry if this list offends anyone and obviously, this is my personal opinion, but time away from homework is too precious to watch a dumb movie.


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