12 Reasons The Holiday Season Is The Best Season

Some say summertime is the best with its swimming pools and ice cream cones. Others fight for fall with its football games and jewel-colored leaves. Others prefer spring's thunderstorms and blooming flowers. We're pretty partial to the holiday season.

1. The cuddles

The weather outside is indeed frightful, which is the perfect excuse to cozy on up with a loved one by the fire (even if that loved one is a mug of hot cocoa or a good book).

2. The atmosphere

Christmas decorations are the best decorations because they include twinkly lights. And evergreen and cinnamon scented candles. And a good ‘ol Douglas fir with all the ornaments you made out of macaroni and pipe cleaners when you were a kid.

3. The movies

From old classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story to the iconic films of our generation like Home Alone and Elf, there’s really no way you can go wrong, unless you’re a cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

4. The music

Whether you begin in September or put it off until December 25th, holiday tunes are one of the best parts of the season. What’s great is that between Nat King Cole and Justin Bieber (both great), you can find Christmas jams of any genre so there’s something out there for everyone.

5. The food

Copious amounts of cookies, green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes and Christmas ham; whatever it is you eat to celebrate the holidays, there’s sure to be plenty of it, with leftovers. Scarf them down before you have to go back to dining hall food!

6. The clothing

Speaking of the endless amounts of food during the holidays, isn’t it such a joy to wear giant sweaters? They’re comfy and cute, and you can style them in so many ways. Plus we cannot fail to mention scarves and long socks. If you love comfort, the holiday season is perfect for you!

7. The memes

Can we just take a minute to acknowledge the beauty and togetherness Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” has brought to the world? As soon as December 1st hits, the dance videos, the lock screen changes, the animal pictures all create a hilarious sense of unity that gets everyone excited for the holidays.

8. The hot drinks

Hot chocolate? Apple cider? Coffee, of any preparation? They’re all made increasingly joyful by the cold weather outside. Any way to warm up is welcomed, especially if it involves drinking something tasty and warm.

9. The holiday parties

Whether it’s celebrating with family, college friends or high school friends back home, it never fails that holiday parties are a great way to see people you might not have seen in some time. Plus they usually include food, hot drinks, holiday music, ugly Christmas sweaters and some form of gift exchange (Dirty Santa, anybody?).

10. The snow

As Midwesterners, we know snow is not always a blessing when we have to drive in it, and all others seems to forget how to operate a car. If we are lucky enough to be home, snow is the perfect opportunity to behave like a kid again; snowball fights, sledding, building snowmen (and snowwomen!), making snow angels galore!

11. The spirit of giving

If nothing else, the holiday season is a wonderful time to think of everything that has happened within the last year and be thankful for the times you’ve had and memories you’ve shared with loved ones. It’s a time for getting gifts (hallelujah, you made it through 2016), but more than that it’s a time for giving to those who you are so thankful for. Or to those who are not as blessed as some of us may be. The old adage of being a broke college student will never run dry, probably even after graduation, but it’s never a waste to give to someone in need.

12. The break

You did it. You survived another semester. Two, if you’re seasoned. You survived 2016, and that’s enough for anyone to need a breather. Take advantage of your break by binging that show you’ve been putting off or reading for fun like you’re not able to do when school is in session. You deserve it after all you’ve accomplished this year!