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101 Things To Do Before You Graduate: #11

101 Things to do before you graduate Iowa

Before graduating Iowa there are so many things you don’t want to miss out on and look back and say, “I never knew about that” or “I wish I had done that”.  So here’s Iowa’s Her Campus Bucket List: 101 things to do before you graduate.  Try to see how many things you can do around campus in your spare time!
#11- Create Weekly Study Playlists
You know that the school year is creeping to an end, when you see the Pentacrest filled with people studying and reading.  Or you see the library has a line at the snack shack, all day long. 
We are just three weeks away from the dreaded finals week.  So, when you are starting to study early make a playlist of all your favorite songs on your laptop.
Now, what about Pandora? That works too, but it is possible for Pandora to block you for over usage (I’ve seen it happen)! 
So use your own iTunes and create a playlist!  Plus, if you create a new one each week or each time you study, you won’t have the same song stuck in your head all day long!
Some of my new current favorites are:
Lady Gaga- Judas [video]
Katy Perry- E.T. (feat. Kanye West) [video
Bruno Mars- The Lazy Song 

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep 

Tell us your favorite tunes to add to our playlists!

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