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10 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming up soon and the rush to be creative has officially started. Here are 10 amazing pop culture costumes you and your friends should try out this Halloween!

1. Post Malone

There are a ton of Post Malone tutorials on YouTube. It’s super easy, especially if you have eyeshadow for the beard and eyeliner for the tattoo then you are good to go. A flannel would also look good to complete the look. 

2. Elon Musk smoking the Devil’s cabbage

This year Elon Musk was on Joe Rogan’s podcast where he smoked some marijuana with Rogan and the internet blew up over the photo. Having a fake cigarette and wearing something similar to Elon’s outfit is a quick and easy costume that only the truest pop culture fans would understand.

3. The Fab 5

After the amazing second season of Queer Eye, going as the “Fab 5” would make a great group costume. If you dress cute and classy as hell, your entire group is set.

4. The Incredibles

Another group costume, this would be an easy DIY costume and one that is easily recognizable. Just use a red shirt and pin the logo onto the shirt, and there you go!

5. Mamma Mia stars

This would be such a fun costume and a timeless, easy one at that. If you have seen any of the Mamma Mia movies, there are some killer groups of men and women with great outfits that could make your costume cute and comfortable. 

6. Lil Pump and Kanye

Kanye West and Lil Pump’s “I Love It” music video is odd and would make a hilarious costume. Putting a box under an extra large shirt and some simple pants will complete the look.

7. A Star Is Born characters

Going as the characters that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga play in the new movie A Star Is Born would be a super cute and simple costume! 

8. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson (RIP)

This would still be a great couples costume even though they broke up and maybe even drawing on some of Pete’s covered up tattoos would be funny. Doing an Ariana ponytail and dressing up extremely fashionable could be fun, and since their breakup is so recent, this is a costume people will remember.

9. Shane Dawson, Ryland Adams and Trisha Paytas

Shane Dawson and boyfriend Ryland Adams have been very popular in the Youtube world, along with Trisha Paytas. This trio kills it and would be super fun. For Dawson, you would just need to wear large clothing and maybe even his merchandise. For Adams, dress like a diva and a mid-aged man going to Coachella. For Paytas, the ideal look would be something pink and maybe even a little revealing.

10. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Meghan Markel have been all over the news lately due to their wedding and their recent pregnancy announcement, so dressing up in a royal and classy fashion could make you and your significant feel like royalty. 

Enjoy your Halloween and whatever you go as, make sure to kill it! 

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