10 Awesome Things You Can Get on Amazon for Cheap

Everyone knows that shopping on Amazon is the fastest way to get all kinds of amazing stuff, from makeup to fashion, to pretty much anything else you could ever want. I personally use the Amazon app to get all of my daily essentials, and so does everyone else in my family. If I need something quick, I can order it off Amazon and it will be at my door in just two days!

If you personally haven't discovered yet that Amazon is basically the Heaven of shopping, here is a list of the 10 best things you can get on Amazon for a great deal, in my opinion.  1. Phone cases (Vofolen iPhone wallet case)

This phone case is only $9 and its perfect for when you don't want to carry your purse around. Sometimes when I am going places I don't want to carry my purse around with me, and so with this case, you can put your ID, credit card and/or cash in the hidden compartment and you don't have to worry about bringing your wallet! It serves as a cute case (that comes in multiple colors) AND a wallet!2. Fashionable clothes (Comeon Teddy coat)

A couple months ago, when the weather started to get cold in Iowa City, everyone brought out their Nordic Beach wraps and Teddy coats. I was not someone who had either of these items at the time, and although I wanted one, they just seemd too expensive for me. Fortunately, as I was scrolling through Amazon one day I came across this one. It was significantly cheaper than the actual name-brand ones, and when I got it, it looked exaclty like the ones that cost up to one hundred dollars more. It's safe to say this item was a steal.3. Amazon Alexa (Echo dot)

Nowadays these electronic items are all the hype. Whether you prefer Google Home or Amazon Alexa, either of these items can be found for much cheaper on Amazon, compared to buying them in stores. Two months ago, when I bought my Echo Dot, it was only $21, which means they might be on sale for even cheaper again soon.4. Swimsuits (Ruuhee Bandeau Bikini)

Ever since Victoria's Secret canceled their swimsuit line, people have been having a hard time looking for places that sell quality and cute swimsuits. I myself have tried multiple different websites that claim their swimsuits are made out of good material, and sometimes that can be a bust. However, Amazon seems to be growing in this line of clothing and based on reviews, people have been very happy about their purchases.

5. Apple Watch bands (Ruoqini Apple watch compatible bands)

Apple watches are a common accessory that people have today, and accessorizing with different style bands can be fun and a way to show your own style. Amazon has hundreds of different bands for way cheaper than store prices, and you can even get them in packs. Other places sell one band for around $40, while on Amazon you can get a pack of four, for half that price!

6. All things yoga (Sivan Yoga set)

If you're a yoga fanatic, or maybe just someone trying to get into the hobby, Amazon is the perfect place to get all of your yoga needs! When I started going to hot yoga classes, I found out that you need more than just a yoga mat. You also need a towl for your face, a mat towel for not slipping (from your sweat) and even yoga blocks! Of course, many places will let you rent these items, but why not just buy all of it together for an amazing price on Amazon?

7. Pet supplies (Copatchy dog harness)

My older sister recently got a labradoodle puppy and was worried that when she was training him, pulling on his leash would hurt his neck. After deciding that she didn't want to risk it, she went on Amazon and found this harness that would serve as a leash. She nows loves it because it makes training a puppy much easier, and even more so because it was such a cheap find!

8. Jewelry (Zuo Bao zodiac bracelet)

Personally, I never feel like my outfit is complete without adding some jewelry. Many stores like Francesca's, Dilliards, Versona, etc., sell cute items, but they cost around $50 and up. Fortunately for all of us, Amazon is here to save the day. Whether it be rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, Amazon has a lot of jewelry finds that are cute and won't break your bank.

9. Makeup utensils (Bestope makeup brushes)

Buying makeup brushes can get expensive, especially if you're trying to buy them in bulk. Usually, if you go to any store you can get ONE brush for around $8. This price doesn't seem terrible until you decide you want more than one. On Amazon, you can buy sets of brushes for the price of one, and they offer literally every kind of makeup brush imagineable! Sometimes they even offer the makeup brushes with bags to carry them in, which is even more convenient and an even better deal.10. Home decor (Vintage key/mail holder)

I am the kind of person who absolutely loves to decorate. My room is full of canvasses, lights, plants, and so on, and don't even get me started on the rest of my apartment. So when I decided that the dozens of decor I have just aren't enough anymore, I get on Amazon and search for my newest necessity. My sister recently had her birthday and I got her a key holder off Amazon that was super cute and vintage, for a great price. You can always make the trip to Home Goods or Hobby Lobby, but I guarentee you can find the exact same thing on Amazon for half the price, and they'll deliver it right to your door!

So, if you like what you see so far, download the Amazon app or go online to Amazon.com and you'll never need to leave your house again to find great deals on absolutely anything! And no, I don't get paid to promote Amazon, I just love it that much.

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