You’ve Got Mail Review

“You’ve Got Mail” is one of my all-time favorite comfort movies. The Nora Efron rom-com starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks leaves me with the feeling that my heart has been wrapped up with the softest blanket and my mind has been wiped clean of all worries. 

“You’ve Got Mail” (1998) is about a woman, Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan), who owns a small bookstore in New York City, and her online relationship with Joe Fox (Tom Hanks). As their relationship is completely anonymous, neither of them knows that Joe Fox owns the new chain bookstore that is replacing the small bookstore owned by Kathleen Kelly. 

I am truly convinced that Meg Ryan has chemistry with any screen partner, and this movie certainly helps in proving my theory. Of course, the chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks was already demonstrated in “Sleepless in Seattle” (1993), and that may have made the chemistry in this movie more easily convincing, but I adore them together anyways.

One of the most interesting things about this movie, almost unbelievable actually, is that we are supposed to see Tom Hanks as an arrogant jerk. This, of course, does not last, as his character grows on us as the movie goes on, and Tom Hanks portrays this transition from arrogant to charming very well. 

The characters in this film are memorable and lovable. Kathleen Kelly is just adorable, and Joe Fox does win me over every time I watch the movie. Even without knowing each other personally, Kathleen and Joe understand each other. 

When Joe befriends Kathleen in an attempt to decrease her hatred towards him, and the moment when Kathleen says, “ I wanted it to be you so badly.” I live for that.

I think the lovely atmosphere of this movie is heightened by the wonderful soundtrack, and it is certainly one which I listen to on Spotify when I am feeling sad. It is as wholesome and enchanting as the movie itself, and it does well to add to the tone of the movie instead of drawing too much attention to itself.

“You’ve Got Mail” is based on the 1940 movie “The Shop Around the Corner”, starring Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. While I consider this remake of sorts much more entertaining than the original, I would say the wholesomeness of “You’ve Got Mail” reminds me of any Jimmy Stewart movie: equal parts lovable and feel-good.

What truly qualifies a great comfort movie for me is the ability to watch a movie more than once and not get bored. I have found this in very few films, and “You’ve Got Mail” is absolutely one of them. It is a very special movie that I adore.