Why I Love The Schick Silk Touch Up Razor

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Peach fuzz. I am not talking about the actual fuzz on a peach, I am talking about those blonde fuzzy little hairs around your lips. Sometimes, they may even be brown but I am naturally very blonde and am lucky enough that all of my hair everywhere else is too. It is an inevitable part of being a girl and keeping up with maintaining your beautiful face.

However, waxing isn’t ideal because it makes it so obvious that you have to remove hair on your upper lip. Yuck. Plucking is even worse because they’re such fine hairs that it hurts so bad and could cause ingrown hairs. Shaving is an absolute NO because it makes the hair grow back thicker! However, the PERFECT look for perfecting your hairless upper lip is the Schick Silk Touch Up Retouch.

The Schick Silk Touch Up is literally perfect for being hairless and flawless. It easily and gently shapes down hair for any small and sensitive spot. I have used it for my eyebrows (as does my eyebrow lady), around my ankles and even...under my armpits. But, it is most ideal for those pesky peach fuzz on your upper lips. You have to keep it at a 90 degree angle and gently press down on the hair swiping in a downward motion.

What’s even better is that it comes in a variety of colors: sparkly pink or sparkly blue! Super cute and convenient. It’s also small enough to keep with you at all times! There is NO EXCUSE to ever have hair where you don’t want it with these bad boys. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good close up picture of my lips because my hair is so thin and blonde, but trust me when I say I could notice all those thin hairs falling to the ground, leaving me smooth and sexy.

So, give it a go, good luck and may the hairless force be with you.