Twenty Somethings for My Twentieth

Although the first half of 2020 has been cancelled, I plan to make the most of the remaining moiety of the year. Join me on my journey to elevate 2020 from within. 

1. Re-Defining Myself

2. Mindfulness: I hope to truly experience the current moment and integrate that awareness into my everyday life.

3. Grasping Adulting: Primarily being okay with having a day full of mundane tasks.

4. Finding Comfort in Being Solo: Especially with stay at home orders in place, I’ve been tightroping between human interaction with appropriate social distancing and being a complete homebody. 

5. Claiming Self Love for Myself

6. It’s Okay to Indulge (in myself): To occasionally treat myself with the finer things in life and not feel guilty afterwards. 

7. Bravely Trying New Things

8. Be Vocal: I’m pushing myself not only to speak out more but also start conversations more.

9. Placing Boundaries: Learn when to insert and remove myself from relationships.

10. Knowing When to Say No (and not feeling bad afterward)

11. Stop Apologizing for Everything: “Sorry” is ingrained in my vocabulary, and I choose to use it at the most miniscule times. A goal of mine is to stop using it every five seconds.

12. Keeping my Causes Close to Me: To hold what I stand for to a higher standard.

13. Travel: This seems almost impossible in a COVID world, but I do want to experience and learn from different cultures. Zoom Italy perhaps?

14. Exercise: Taking care of my mind and body has always been a big thing for me. I wish to continue challenging my physical body for an improved mentality.

15. Skincare: Your twenties is when your skin starts to let go. To combat that I will be stockpiling on various eye creams, face masks, and serums.

16. Killing the Picky Eater in Me: I may not be one of those adults who orders chicken tenders at every restaurant but I definitely don’t stray too far from what I grew up eating. I’ll be trying onions next week, wish me luck.

17. Mastering the Art of Natural Hair: Having type four hair is already difficult to manage. This is going to be my third year of my natural hair journey, I know I have a long way to go but I hope this year I continue in the right direction.

18. Better Quality: I want to be proud of anything I do or put out into the world. Quality over quantity.

19. Becoming More Sustainable

20: Astute Money Moves: More saving, less spending all 2020.

I definitely recommend looking at what you've learned throughout the years and start making changes towards a happier life!