The Ten Types of People You Meet On Your Freshman Floor

Before moving into your dorm for the first time, everyone wonders who they’re going to meet. Who’s going to live next door or across the hall? There are so many types of people on a college campus that you really never know who you are going to meet or what’s going to happen. Here are the types of people you may run into on your freshman floor:

1. The Frat Boy

This boy decided to rush fall semester and is very enthusiastic about it. If he even comes back to the dorm, he will be stumbling and raving about his “brothers.” At least he’s useful when you need a last minute party address.  

2. The Party Girls

These girls go out six days a week. They have addresses flowing into their messages always. If you can’t hear their pregame then you can probably smell it. Honestly they’re super nice and you’re probably friends with a few of them, but god, how does someone have that much stamina?

3. The Activist

This girl is gonna talk about politics any chance she gets. She aspires to work on The Hill and she’ll tell you three times a day. If you need a current event topic for class you should go to her.

4. The One Who Can’t Figure Out Their Major

You’ll probably find this person breaking down every other day. He or She has gotten really good at googling random careers and hoping they will like one of them. They need constant reassurance that it’s okay not knowing because they’re only a tiny freshman and “life sucks”.

5. The People Who Are Always On Your Floor But Don’t Live There

You’ll meet so many people through others on your floor. Friends of friends who spend the majority of their time on your floor instead of theirs because, let’s face it, everyone on your floor is just that good.

6. The Boy Who Sees No Problem With “Floorcest”

When I say, “floorcest,” I mean hooking up with other people on your floor. Many people can see how this can cause drama; but, some boys just wanna have fun. Silly boys, when will they learn?

7. The Loud Girl

This girl is the funniest and loudest person you’ve probably met so far. She’s super entertaining, but also knows how to have a normal conversation. Definitely one of your favorite people unless you’re in the middle of the dining hall and all eyes are on you guys.

8. The Gay One

He’s usually walking around in a robe and facemask and recruiting the floor to watch Magic Mike. Always a good source to go to when you need advice on a party outfit. His room is neater than yours and his decor is perfection.

9. The People You Only See When You Brush Your Teeth

These girls seem like they live in the bathroom because that’s the only place you’ve ever ran into them or had a conversation with them. By conversation I mean “haha sorry” as I move my toothpaste over from being sprawled on her side of the sink.

10. The Person Who Ends up Being Your Best Friend  

And finally, there’s the girl who you meet and become BFFs with. This means endless Insomnia Cookies and Panera runs. Get ready to plan Halloween costumes together and get used to her being a permanent fixture in your room, even though she’s definitely not your roommate.

Enjoy awkwardly introducing yourself to all these people in the beginning. You’ll get used to it eventually and you’ll learn to love them all!