Six Reasons Why Being Short in College Sucks

Although being short can have it's advantages, we can all agree that being short in college is a daily struggle. Here are six reasons why. 

1. The peephole in your dorm room is nearly useless

The peephole on your door is meant to be a way to see a person outside of your room before opening the door. Well, when you are well below average height, and the peephole is at an average height, you cannot exactly reach it.This means that you either have to jump to see who is at the door, use a stool or take your chances and just open the door hoping for the best.

2. Having to use a step stool just to get into bed.

Having your bed lifted up high is a great thing for storage, whether it is just merely on risers or completely lofted. However, you forget the fact that you have little legs. And with those little legs, you are not really able to jump. With that being said, there is no way you can get yourself onto your own bed without extra help. That is where the step stool comes into play. To make matter worse, the added embarrassment of everyone asking why you have a step stool and having to explain yourself is an unwanted hassle.

3. Not being able to reach the floor in chairs

Not being able to reach the floor is bad enough. Your legs swing and you have no control over where they go. The worst of this, however, is in a rolley desk. Rolley desks are already hard enough to manipulate. Now imagine trying to sit on one without your feet being able to reach the floor. Anytime you try to make a tiny adjustment, the entire desk moves or you slip out because you physically are unable to hold onto the ground.

4. Always being told, “Aw, 4’11, that’s so cute. You’re not even 5 feet!”

Being short is hard enough as it is. Anyone under the five foot mark will tell you that it sucks. These people are absolutely aware of the fact that they are under that mark, so for people who say to us shorties, “aw that is so cute”, trust me, it is not fun. It is not cute. It is condescending and our only goal is to say that we are five feet tall.

5. Walking to class with tall friends is a more of a run

Walking with little legs is a poor situation when trying to keep up with tall friends. Their legs are significantly longer than yours and you cannot take steps nearly as long as theirs. This means you are basically running to keep up with their normal walking pace. That or you just lag significantly behind at the back of a large group.

6.  You cannot get your laundry out of the dryer

Every time you come have to get your laundry out of the washer and into the dryer, you cross your fingers that the standalone dryers are open. Otherwise, you are stuck having to stand up on a chair just to reach the dryer! The rest of the normal sized people stare at you as you stand on your tippy-toes just to try and get that last sock from the back of the machine.


I'm here with you, short college girls!