Reflecting on My Freshman Year

It’s hard to believe that my freshman year of college has already come to an end. The ending of the school year has led me to reflect on my experience for one and a half semesters at UD. 

It wasn’t at all easy for me to transition to college. I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous about something. It felt like my whole life was doing a 180 and I had no control over it. I was an anxious mess for the first month or two of school and I ended up staying in my room most of the time, too sad to do anything. 

This was a mistake. Freshmen year sylly week and just the beginning of freshmen year in general is when everyone gets to know each other and become close. One of my biggest regrets would be not taking advantage of this time because everyone doing it was nervous too.

 I was lucky to have the best roommate experience possible for a freshman. I lived in Gilbert 2A so I had two roommates who knew each other from home. They turned out to be some of my best friends at school and probably the easiest people I could’ve lived with. There’s no way of predicting if you and your roommate will be friends, so you just have to make the best of the situation.

Second semester, I felt like I was finally comfortable and happy at school. I didn’t even want to go home anymore because UD felt like my home. I got extremely involved in clubs that I was genuinely passionate about and joined a sorority, which made me feel so much more fulfilled and introduced me to so many different networks of amazing people. I feel like I became more of myself than I’ve ever been and found things I truly care about. 

The reason I finally became happy at school is that I started saying yes to as many things as I could and UD is now my favorite place to be. I did things like going to a rugby formal with a random guy and going to get tattoos with my friends. These random experiences are what make college so amazing and gave me memories I won’t forget.

Freshmen year is all about making mistakes, doing stupid things, and honestly making a little bit of a fool of yourself. My freshmen year sadly ended at home and it sucks that I’ll never get that unique experience back. However, I couldn’t be more excited to go back to my favorite place and see my best friends again.