Profile: Your Very Own Bible to Rushing a Sorority

Your prayers have been answered and what you have all been waiting for is finally here. I’m about to fill you in on some not so secret and top secret information that will be your best friend during spring rush. I gathered some of the most popular sorority questions, tips, do’s and don’ts from a girl who has been through it all. As a senior, she has experienced rushing from both ends of the spectrum - watching some girls pass the sorority recruitment “test” with flying colors… while others fail miserably. 

Q: “What do I wear during rush?”

A: “I mean it depends on the school, but at Delaware every PNM (potential new member) gets the same shirt that they have to wear each round. The shirts are kind of bland so lots of people make them their own to look more fashionable. People cut them off the shoulder, crop it, do a front tie, or just keep it plain. Everyone wears jeans as the pants. They can be plain or even statement jeans that flare, have ruffles, studs, pearls, fringes etc. Just make sure they are NOT ripped jeans. As for the shoes, if you are feeling up to it you can wear booties, but lots of people wear cute sneakers for comfort and fashion. Pref round is my favorite because you get to dress cute and how you want. This is when girls normally wear dresses.”

Q: “Should you show off what you have or keep it simple?”

A: “I know most girls think ‘I have to wear every designer piece I own or else they won’t want me.’, but that is completely not the case. No one cares about your Gucci belt, Louis Vuitton tote, or how many different colors of the Hermes bangle you have. Flexing your closet/accessories doesn’t do you the justice you think it might. Even if it’s just a belt, for your sake, keep it simple. I actually think it’s a rule that the people interviewing you aren’t allowed to wear ANY designer. I mean it makes total sense. No one wants to be wanted for what they have. What kind of sisterhood does that make?”

Q: “What are the biggest red flags during rush?”

A: “Oh gosh. There are so many but I’ll just name a few. 1) Keeping a closed mind! The people talking to you can tell if you are interested or not. Frankly, it is rude if you act like you don’t want to be there. Chances are they will be able to tell and won’t want to talk to you either. Basically, fake it till you make it and rush every sorority like they are your number one. 2) Don't talk about boys, partying/socials/formals or alcohol/drugs. It’s not cute and those are topics you can talk about when you are actually in the sorority. Right now, the girls are just trying to get to know you. 3) No name dropping. Well, you can briefly mention someone; make a conscious effort to not talk about a person you know in the sorority unless it comes up in conversation. No one gives a sh*t that you are Jenny’s little sister’s best friend’s cousin. 4) Don’t make conversing difficult (more than one-word answers are greatly appreciated). It is hard to work with someone when you ask them 'What’s your favorite show?' and their response is just 'Friends' or when you try to follow up with “Who is your favorite character?” and they just say 'Rachel'. Elaborate, explain, be relatable.”

Q: “What is a common misconception most people have?”

A: “If you think no one knows you from a certain sorority, chances are they know your father, mother, brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle, 2nd cousin, roommate even your pets name. Haha. But honestly— with social media being so prevalent, it is not hard for a member who shares a mutual friend to ask to stalk your profiles. On that note, keep your socials classy not trashy. Don’t have alcohol in pictures, you’re not that cool.”

Q: “What are the biggest tips you have for the future PNMs?”

A: “Lots of these are cliché, but they are so helpful. Here are a few of my biggest tips: don’t overthink the process, keep an open mind/don’t have your heart set on one, GLIRT GLIRT GLIRT, talk A LOT, show interest (ex: don’t let them be the only ones asking questions. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you), do your research, no hoeing around first semester (you never know who hooks up with who and what girls are watching. Don’t be that girl), get sleep, engage in conversation, and be yourself. I cannot emphasize “be yourself” enough. If you don’t cake your face on the daily, don’t do it for rush. If you don’t like Roots, don’t say you do just because it’s the members favorite place on Main Street. If your favorite animal is a cat, don’t say it’s a dog. Stay true to you and give answers that are honest. Lastly, stay calm. Everyone is in the same boat and equally as stressed. I can promise that the girls interviewing you are probably more nervous because they have to make you want them!”

And there it is, folks. Your very own Sorority Bible. Study it, kiss it, preach it, teach it sleep with it. This will come in handy very soon, so get hype. Rush is right around the corner!


Lexi Palko