My Tinder Experience

For those of you who have read my other article “what even is tinder”, it seems like I already had a strong opinion about tinder and those who are on it. 


But boy was I wrong. I wrote that other article discussing how no one can find true love or anything remotely close on tinder and within two weeks I got matched with a guy I thought was super cute. Therefore, I thought, no way this guy would actually want to be with me because it looked like he could have anyone. 

The next few weeks we were kinda talking on tinder but only when we checked it. We didn’t get each other's snaps or numbers, until one day he asked for my snap. Long story short, he finally wanted to meet. I was already feeling like this isn’t real and he’s just going to play me and ghost me like every other guy I’ve talked to about meeting. 

This is where it gets good. I met him in the beginning of May and surprisingly, we are still together and have been dating ever since. So it has been 4 months and I have never been happier. He wasn’t like the other guys on tinder, he wanted something real too (which surprised me). He treats me like no guy has ever treated me before. He always makes sure that I am happy and taken care of before his needs. He really does put the light in my world and I am so grateful that I didn’t give up on tinder.

So, I decided to write this new and improved article about how people can find love on tinder. If you are in the same predicament as I was last year, don’t give up. It will all work out in the end, I promise.