An Interview with Your Local VSCO Girl

This week I had the pleasure to interview my good friend and resident VSCO girl, Julianna Carey. She, like many other college-aged women, has been dubbed “VSCO girls” by the media in a frenzy to describe the sudden phenomena of women walking around in large tees and Birkenstocks (or Crocs, depending on who you ask) while carrying their all-important hydro flask water bottles. 

HerCampus: Hello, can you tell me your name and major?

Julianna Carey: I’m Julianna Carey and my major is Elementary Education.

HC: In your own words, how would you describe a VSCO girl?

JC: So, when I learned about VSCO girls, it’s someone who wears big t-shirts, likes scrunchies, says “sksksksk” *laughs*, wears puka shell necklaces, says “save the turtles”

HC: Any other things?

JC: There are a lot of Tik-Toks about them- it’s a thing and they're mostly about freshmen in high school

HC: Okay cool. When did you find out you were a VSCO girl?

JC: I think it was my roommate Reagen and she-I don’t know how this happened- but she said you’re a VSCO girl and she showed me Tik-Toks and said ‘this is literally you’ and I was like ‘no’ *laughs*.

HC: Are there any celebrities that you think fit the typical VSCO girl?

JC: I feel like Hannah Meloche is a VSCO girl.

HC: How long have you been using items associated with VSCO girls?

JC: A long time! For a few years.

HC: Do you have a VSCO?

JC: I do have a VSCO. I used to use it all the time. Now I feel like I don’t really use it anymore. I used to just use it to post all of the pictures that didn’t make my Instagram that I still want people to see. 

HC: So like a more casual version of Instagram?

JC: Yes!

HC: Why do you think all of these items together- the Burts Bees, long t-shirts- have formed the VSCO girl image?

JC: I feel like because they’re trendy and VSCO is all about those cute posts about making things like friendship bracelets.

HC: How do you feel about the negative stereotyping of VSCO girls?

JC: I mean, it’s kind of funny. If I’m wearing a VSCO girl outfit and my friends make fun of it, it’s funny.

HC: How do you think the internet has changed trends and fashion?

JC: Well it kind of reminds me of how everyone wanted to be a Tumblr girl in middle school. It’s like that but [VSCO] is what's happening now.

HC: What do you think is the next trend?

JC: I don’t know honestly. You can’t predict what the next thing is going to be, you know. No one ever thought VSCO girls were going to be a thing and here we are. Apparently I’m a VSCO girl *laughs*

HC: Well I think you should wear it with pride. You’re just a girl who likes to be comfortable!

JC: That’s true!

So there you go. I hope this interview can help those out there who were wondering what a VSCO girl is like and has helped you form an opinion on what is a harmless trend. Save the turtles!