How To Take The Best Shower Of Your Life With Her Campus

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Step 1: Pop some Extra Gum in your mouth

Picture this. You’re sitting on your bed wearing nothing prepared to sprint from your room to the bathroom like Mr. Crabs running around without his shell in the Krusty Krab. Reach for your desk where your glorious pack of Extra Gum is sitting, and pop a piece in your mouth. Flavors become more vivid in the steam of the shower so you’ll taste even more minty fresh while you, ehm, freshen up.

Step 2: Shampoo!

Hop in the shower, maybe light some candles to set the #SelfCare mood and keep the curtain open like Jennette McCurdy had to after filming Psycho. Open up your pack of Ghost Shampoo and conditioner set. Maybe attempt to condition first, I hear that’s a thing that real people actually do. But, if you’re not a psycho yourself, I recommend shampooing then conditioning for optimal effects.

Step 3: Lather the shaving cream

Pop your hairy leg up on the side of the tub, grab that poisonous can of whipped cream (Read: don’t eat it!), and cover your leg in the foamy goodness that is skintimate shaving cream. Make sure absolutely no skin is showing for full effects. Or leave a few landing strips up and down if you’re feeling a little quirky. Do your armpits, your nethers, or even your head if you’re seeking out that Brittany Spears circa 2008 look.

Step 4: Shave it up

Use your skintimate razor and pretend you’re Doodlebop erasing things in Spongebob, only you’re making shaving cream and hair disappear from your body. Be wild! Shave whatever you want!

Step 5: Clear it up

Face wash is best used near the end of your shower so that your pores can spunge up all of that delicious steam. Snag your Innisfree face kit and let it do it’s magic. Start with the face wash, and then it’s time to hop on out of the shower. As soon as you get out, try out the blemish control followed by your trusty moisturizer. Innisfree will surely free your sexy face of impurities.

Step 6: Grab A Koozie

Koozies aren’t just for beer cans on a hot summer’s day, you can totally put your bar of soap in here to keep it nice and un-soggy. Pop your bar soap in here like a purse puppy and allow it to wait patiently in there for your next shower.

Step 7: Uh Oh…

Uh Oh, that blood isn’t from the razor (Skintimate would never cut your leg, FYI). Lucky for you, you have a lifetime supply of Carefree Panty liners waiting in your closet! Grab one, apply, and feel fresh even after your shower.

As always, we love our summer survival kit!