Ginger Stereotypes

Yes my hair is naturally this color and yes I promise to never dye it. Being a ginger comes with its perks and of course, the annoying stereotypes. Every redhead has heard all of them.

1. Let us get this out of the way, the carpet does match the drapes. If yours does (or kinda matches), mine does too. Gingers aren’t some kind of exception.

2. We aren’t all related and our families do not resemble the Weasleys. My dad actually has black hair and my mom has blonde, oops. And I just KNOW you all had to do a Punnett Square in the 7th grade…

3. Red hair does not automatically come with freckles. In the majority of cases, red heads do actually have freckles, but not all are covered head to toe in them.

4. Redheads are not all Irish. The largest redhead population is actually from Scotland. And shockingly they can be from Italy, like me!

5. And yes, we all have seen the South Park episode.

We all appreciate the stereotypes and definitely get a good laugh out of them.